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Helping Anomen pass his test and keeping him as companion without romancing him

wavingbugwavingbug Member Posts: 58

I like to have Anomen in my party. I helped him pass his test for the Order of the Radiant Heart. I like the less arrogant Anoman with the additional points in Wisdom.
Later on when he confronts the murder of his sister it seems I am presented with two choices. Telling him that I love him results in him staying in my party. Otherwise he will just leave me. I did not even find that there is a romance going on or whatever and as I dislike romances in general in wondered whether I am able to keep him as a companion somehow but while also helping him passing his test. I always kept the conversations between us just friendly.


PS: It is really a bummer because I had to let Keldorn return to his family as well and losing two of my favorite companions with only the best intentions kinda sucks.

PPS: I just saw that even though Anomen left in SoA, I could bring him back in ToB. He kept his Wisdom, but (I am uncertain of that) went back to his initial responses, always acting annoyed when I order him to do something. Meh!

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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,793
    If the romance isn't on, Anomen will stay in the party just fine after passing the test. And he'll never confront Saerk. The very fact that the encounter happened says that you were on the romance path.

    The nice sounds are romance-only, too. You break the romance by having him leave there, and the non-romanced version of him you pick up in ToB doesn't have them.

  • wavingbugwavingbug Member Posts: 58
    I did not even notice I was romancing Anomen. I thought it's just conversation and him being overly dramatic :D

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,962
    @wavingbug if all the obvious signs are missing (no flower for the PC, no kiss, no rest talk with Anomen approaching your PC) then something went awry.
    Can you look up global variables that start with Anomen in your savegame and see what they are set to?

  • wavingbugwavingbug Member Posts: 58
    edited May 7
    Now that I think of it, I think I might have been on the romance path with Anomen. He approached me when resting, asking me to share a room together, but I declined. So I thought the whole thing was over as I did not want to romance anybody. I mean, we are all professionals here, right :P

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,962
    edited May 7
    "I did not even notice I was romancing Anomen" - "He approached me when resting, asking me to share a room together".
    That's pretty funny. No offence meant. :D

    And yeah, I was in a dilemma at the end of the romance, too.
    That he will only stay if the PC says she loves him is a real bummer.

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