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The black pit 1 & 2

Hello guys,
Just finished all baldur gate games from enhanced edition. I enjoyed it and intending to play the rest of the games that are like it (planes ape). My question though is regarding the black pits 1 & 2. I started playing the first blackpit fights and went through several fights (playing core difficulty) but I'm starting to think that there's not much into it. Am I going to lose anything if I don't play the game. To me currently it is just fighting and preparing for the fights. No quests, nothing. Should I start the nrw games or is the experience going to be something that I shouldn't miss. This question is applicable to both blackpit 1 - 2.and I want to keep in mind that have more games to play. So if the experience is not much and the time would be better spent somewhere else, I would appreciate it if someone gives me heads up about it.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,793
    Indeed, there isn't much to it. There's a bit of plot - try talking to everybody at least once per tier - but the arena fights are the main thing.

  • Ma_yuMa_yu Member Posts: 16
    jmerry wrote: »
    Indeed, there isn't much to it. There's a bit of plot - try talking to everybody at least once per tier - but the arena fights are the main thing.

    Thanks jmerry, I decided to go through the game. Was able to complete it quickly. I'll give the second black pit a try.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,793
    A bit more mechanical detail ...

    In both adventures, you can repeat pit fights.
    In BP1, repeating fights earns you both gold and XP, though it's less gold than the first time.
    In BP2, repeating fights earns you gold but not XP, and also additional chances at item rewards.

    What item rewards? That's a fairly complicated system, but it's all controlled by dialogue choices. Before each fight, you can address the crowd. There's a "face" option, a "heel" option, a plea for equipment, or a couple of neutral options. The first two options shift a reputation meter one way or the other, while the third option means there's a chance that your party will be given a unique item after the fight. Each fight has two possible items associated with it, but you can only ever get one per fight. Extreme reputations as either a face or a heel improve your chances of getting an item, and especially of getting the one considered "better".
    So, if you want the best stuff, your best bet is to develop your reputation for a few fights, then come back and replay fights while shamelessly pleading for stuff. Once you have that fight's item, there's no reason to come back except the gold. Which you might need - filling spellbooks, especially, can get very expensive.

  • Ma_yuMa_yu Member Posts: 16
    Is black pit 2 bugged or something. In the main campaign I was not able to poison the j**** for whatever reason the guy who drinks wouldn't bring the subject even though I had many different posion.
    The other aspect is that since there was no theif in my party. I couldn't get into any of the room upstairs.
    To top all these off. The final boss when I transform into the golem. The golem stays in its place and is not responding to my commands. I tried the final fight multiple times. Only one time the golem was moving ( not like stuck in its place not able to respond) the fight was a bit easier till I reached the winged. It didn't matter how much I throw she keeps healing and killing the summons.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 860
    edited May 27
    black pits 1 is kinda weak and has no replayability value

    black pits 2 is absolutely worth your time and is the closest thing to SCS difficulty in the vanilla game. BP2 is the only campaign where enemies get to use spells correctly and abuse imbalanced potions just as the player normally does.

    also its full of interesting opponents

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