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Need help successfully transferring files baldurs gate enhanced edition

Beamhawk1988Beamhawk1988 Member Posts: 4
Hey fellas hope all is well in this crazy time i have a question can I transfer save files from an Android to an Android tablet ? I tried and have the files in my tablet but don't know where to put them or if I should start over with the transfer.

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,807
    Hi @Beamhawk1988 and welcome to the forum.

    Not sure in what state the saved game files are on your tablet, by saved game folder or loose files?

    The saved game files to go the following folder:

    It should follow the same saved game naming conventions, ie into another folder that looks something like:
    000000001-Prologue Start

    If zipped up, then you would need to unpack the files.

    If you are running Android 11 on your tablet and you can't get there, this is because of the security permissions that 11 has surrounding the Android folder. To overcome, download the free version of 'X-plore File Manager' from Google Play, open it and navigate to 'Android/'. The File manager will state that it requires Read/Write access to the folder; follow the onscreen instructions to gain access. Now when you use X-Plore, you can copy into the games folder to exchange saved games between devices (you still wont have access using your built in File Manager).

    Hope that helps

  • Beamhawk1988Beamhawk1988 Member Posts: 4
    Hey thanks for reaching out man and for the advice but I couldn't get it to work which leads me to believe I did something wrong at some point but do you know of any other methods ?

  • Beamhawk1988Beamhawk1988 Member Posts: 4
    Also the files came from my phone that has Android 11 don't know if that's a problem

  • Beamhawk1988Beamhawk1988 Member Posts: 4
    Just did it thanks Gus much appreciated my best wishes to you and stay safe out there man

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