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Bug: The structure of IWD:EE .app bundle is all messed up on MacOS

wavingbugwavingbug Member Posts: 59

for the Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment the structure of the .app bundles/directories is like you would expect it. There is the .app you can launch, which is just a directory that contains all the game files. For example "Baldur's Gate Enhanced" is the application directory which contains a directory "Contents" with all the game files. That's the basic structure of any app bundle:

Baldur's Gate Enhanced
~~ + Contents
~~~~ + _CodeSignature
~~~~ + Documents
~~~~ + MacOS
~~~~ + Resources
~~~~ - Info.plist
~~~~ - PkgInfo

After installing IWD:EE I noticed that this structure is really messed up. It installed a folder "Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition" and with "" inside it. The game files were in the same directory. The contents of the .app directory almost empty. It worked though it is really unusual. It looked like this:

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition
~~ + Contents
~~ + Documents
~~ + MacOS
~~ + Resource
~~ - Info.plist
~~ - PkgInfo
~~ +
~~~~ + Contents

I just manually moved all the game files into the .app bundle "Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition/". Afterwards I moved the .app out of the "Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition" directory. It matched the default app layout after and it still worked.
It just looked like a bug, because there is no reason for structuring it like that, if you don't need to do it for the other Enhanced Edition games as well. So I thought it might be a bug somehow and wanted to notify you about it. I remember that it has not always been like that, that's why I noticed the strange layout.

The version I have installed is downloaded from
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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,331
    Thanks for the feedback, the file structure is intentional and now matches the same structure as is on Steam and the Beamdog client. We couldn't release the Mac version on GOG without the change.

    Some players might require a fresh install or repair in order to fix it, but that is the way the game works now on GOG.
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