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About Multiplayer

InvasorDePastosInvasorDePastos Member Posts: 21
Hi, sorry for posting this here but I don't know where else to ask for help. I'll copy the support message I sent almost a month ago (BGCS-2912 on 21/Apr/25) and still got no answer from the support team:

"Hi! First of all, thanks for all your work on the game and on the latest huge patch. Nevertheless, I wasn't able to enjoy it. I tried to play Baldur's Gate 2 with my friend (he is on Steam, I'm on GoG), but every single time we tried to save the game on multiplayer, it crashed. We used to have random crashes before the patch every 20 minutes or so while playing, but this time, saving was completely impossible.

We both updated to 2.6. We both have the same setup without any mods installed, the only difference is that he's on Steam and I'm on GoG. We had been playing the previous weeks already before the patch. I'm the host and I almost never crashed before, but my friend usually did randomly. Now, with this patch, we both crash when I try to save the game.

I also created a multiplayer session with only me to test, and had the same issue. Can't save, it crashes.
Tried it on single player, and the same thing happened. I tried many combinations and managed to get some working saves only when creating new save files. If I try to overwrite one of them, then I always get a crash. Quick Saves, overwriting or not are compeltely unreliable and sometimes don't crash but mostly yes.

Also tried excluding the game on the antivirus, also disabled real time protection, and even went as far as uninstalling the antivirus. Didn't get any better results in any of those scenarios.

Is this some known bug of the new patch? If so, will there be a hotfix? If not, what can we do to be able to play correctly again?"

To further increase the problems, my last MP sessions where having crashes on practically every scene/map change. What can I do? Can something be done to get support to answer me please? :(


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