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(*SPOILER WARNING*) Suggestion for Players Item Stash "PlayerChest00"

I just rooted through NearInfinity so I could track down how/where the players personal item chest ("PlayerChest00") is available. It looks like the chest is copied (effectively moved) using BCS area scripts at exactly these choke points (where the prior area is no longer accessible):

When you reach "Coastal Way Crossing" it is copied from "Ducal Palace, Third Floor" (Ch 8 begins)
When you reach "Troll Forest" it is copied from "Coastal Way Crossing" (Ch 9 begins)
When you reach "Allied Siege Camp" it is copied from "Troll Forest" (Ch 10 begins)

And that's the last time. So from subsequent choke points (Ch 11 on) you are effectively cut off from your item stash which might be a bit inconvenient if you didn't plan for it (*cough* Pantaloons).

Unless there's really a compelling reason not to, I would suggest moving the stash at least one more time - specifically to "Dragonspear Castle Basement" after we've returned from "Avernus" and the portal is closed. This way there isn't a lot of game play to repeat if the player messed up. The player can definitely fix this with the console but it is not convenient.

While I'm on this topic, it is a huge pain removing all the equipped items off your current party and finding space for them before they take off permanently. The ones that you do see again I think do have them still equipped and might be in trouble without them like Khalid (I'm not sure). Finding a bag of holding during the intro would not be a terrible idea I don't think - you can certainly afford one shortly after that.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,135
    Well, at that stage you definitely have access to the Bag of Holding.
  • FredSRichardsonFredSRichardson Member Posts: 465
    No question! Just doesn't make much sense to me that the chest would decide to stay behind at the last stages of the game. Requires a little meta gaming to work around this.
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