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How to keybin caret (^)

Hey there!

I want to bind "select all" to the caret key (^ - left to the 1), but that wont work. Any ideas, how I get this done?



  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,201
    That key is often a "dead key" on non-English keyboard layouts which might be the cause of this issue.

    You could try setting up the keybinding in the baldur.lua file directly. The file entry should look like this:
    SetPrivateProfileString('Keymap Quick Slots','Select all','94')

    '94' is the Ascii code of the ^-key. Make sure the game is not running while making the changes because manual updates are discarded when you quit the game.
  • juppsenjuppsen Member Posts: 11
    Thx very much, but that didnt work :(
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