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Non-Traditional Dual Class Evil Cleric Trilogy Playthrough

dr_mudsdr_muds Member Posts: 73
Hi all, just wanted some advice/thoughts on a run from Candlekeep to SoD through to Throne of Bhaal that I’ve been hoping to do. I’ve never actually completed an Evil run in either of the original games with my most recent one a half-orc barbarian in the original BG2. I’ve also never played a cleric nor a female Charname and I’m looking forward to bossing my own evil church! I would however like a unique/interesting dual class to make my “kit” rather than going with a single class cleric such as Talos.

BG1 party (pre-dual) will be Dorn (romance), Kagain, Shar-Teel dualed to thief (Safana in SoD), Viconia and Edwin/Baeloth. BG2 party will be Dorn, Korgan, Hexxat (romance), Edwin & Haer Dalis (Cernd or Chaotic Neutral Anomen pre-dual).

Now my original thoughts were a Shadowdancer level 13 focussed on stealth rather than thieving dialled to Cleric to make a custom Cleric of Mask “kit”, one that could hide in plain sight, backstab and shadow step. Would max out the kit benefits but not get any of the Shadowdancer HLAs however. Cool idea, but I’m guessing she’s going to be weak in BG1 and almost a waste of a player slot when Montaron or Shar Teel will be better in melee and thieving. Also I’m guessing the idea with her will be very similar to my Kensai/Thiet playthrough with hide and backstab with some added clerical utility.

The idea I’m currently running with, having played most of the powergamey mains - Monk, Gnome F/I, Kensai/Thief - is trialling the Wizard Slayer Kit especially with there being interesting gear in SoD. From a role playing perspective the idea would be that she grew up secretly loathing Gorion and the Candlekeep monks, and focussed her training to one day murder him. When Sarevok took that opportunity away from her she vowed revenge leading onto the BG1 vendetta. After getting captured by Irenicus in BG2 she realises that her martial prowess will not be enough to defeat him and further her evil machinations and so taps into her tainted divine heritage.

The idea would be a a stronger Charname in BG1 who can either tank with Kiel’s buckler/large shield and damage deal with dual flails/morning stars. In BG2, will also become my main divine caster while wreaking havoc with dual Flail of Ages and Defender of Easthaven. With the right gear & the evil Hell Trials bonuses (+2 STR, +2 CON and assorted resistances) will be able to tank, pop a DUHM and wreck the place or pull out some energy blades and shut down mages. Not too worried about item restrictions as I can still use all the armour and weapons I want, will get Paws of the Cheetah and a holy symbol and therefore further spell slots, MR and beastly strength (22) and constitution (21 = hella hit points and regeneration!).

Thoughts? Any preferences or improvements to the above two ideas?
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  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 572
    The idea is cool, I like it.

    My only concern with this is the item restrictions.

    WS might make you unable to even use the holy symbol.. it might not make sense, but it does seem like something that is likely to just not be as you'd expect.

    No ring of gaxx, no strength belts, no weapon specialist gloves, can't use the ring of divine whatever (+1 slot lvl 1-4), no magical helmets.. that of the warrior nor balduran.. or vhailors for Simulacrum.. so there are some significant drawbacks for WS, when you don't get Use Any Item from thief classes.

    While it's what makes most sense with your thought out backstory, I think I'd try to avoid going WS and take Berserker instead, which is just infinitely better with the "I win" berserker ability..
  • dr_mudsdr_muds Member Posts: 73
    Thanks for the feedback!

    I did consider the Berserker/Cleric. However despite knowing how powerful it is I wanted to try something different, having tried a Berserker/Druid which was a similar and powerful build in my IWD:EE party. I'm planning to have a Berserker in my party anyway (Korgan). Also while I enjoy Berserker/Barbarian type characters in my party (such as Minsc and Korgan) and recognise their power, I simply can't role-play them as my Charname. I heard great things about the Berserker/Mage dual class but abandoned a playthrough and resorted to gnome F/I for that very reason.

    While I understand the drawbacks and item limitations, I've heard some awesome things about the WS miscast magic ability, particularly as it's been "fixed" in EE and can also apply to missile weapons, fireseeds and projectiles like energy blades HLA to shut down enemy mages.

    Finally while I understand there will be free item slots and I won't be able use all the most powerful items on her, I am planning a full party play through so in the grand scheme of things I won't miss out as the "power" will be used somehow redistributed within the rest of the party.

    I will be able to use the boots of the Cheetah and it has been tested that indeed the WS/Cleric DOES receive a holy symbol (

    Wizard slayers can use all magical armours and weapons, so magic helmets, plate mail and shields won't be an issue (Balduran and Simalcrum will therefore be used), I'm not worried about the Ring of Holiness as 1 spell from level 1-4 isn't a huge loss given the end BG wisdom of 21 (18 + 3 from tomes), and I won't feel like I'm missing out as most magical tems I've got to use in previous playthroughs.

    Finally my WS will have 19 strength and constitution at the end of BG, 22 and 21 by ToB given evil hell trials and the holy symbol, and only needs a DUHM spell to go 25 in all the physical stats if required, so strength belts won't be required.

    Yes a Berserker/Cleric will probably be more powerful and use more items, but in the grand scheme of things I feel this character will still kick ass, have an interesting ability and advantage to try out and may be more fun to play.
  • wukewuke Member Posts: 111
    Dualing WS into anything loses one of its main strengths - high MR. So it gives up the same abilities for even less benefits compared to a single class WS.
    But no class is too bad for unmodded game, I guess.
  • ShadowBlazeShadowBlaze Member Posts: 41
    NPC's alone can carry you in BG1 + SoD (Edwin is a beast, and Edwin + Baeloth = Rest of the party just chilling) as far as I know. Not yet completed BG2.

    Looks like a fun class, maybe not as broken as WS -> Druid as far as I read in another post, but still fun anyways! I wouldn't fret too much about PC if in a full party, since there are several great NPC's in both the games, and the game is very much playable on Core.
  • dr_mudsdr_muds Member Posts: 73
    Yeah I read about WS/Druid and did consider it as well as WS/Thief (I feel the Kensai/Thief benefits more from that particular dual class). I really don’t like the Druid weapon selection nor their level progression in BG2:EE. I much prefer them in IWD:EE where I feel their spell selection and level progression is better. However I’m definitely going to take Cernd for a while to trial the fire seed trick with my Wizard Slayer!

    I essentially really want an evil cleric to replace Viconia but that can melee with grand mastery and provide something different. I’m all for having a PC that has skills that can’t be found in NPCs. While she may not be as powerful as other more well known builds I feel any Charname warrior dual class should be able to hold their own against the NPCs if only due to the crazy stat gains and potential to min/max. I also really want to get the evil church stronghold!
  • ShadowBlazeShadowBlaze Member Posts: 41
    Definitely try the wacky class combinations, after all, that's the fun part of an RPG like this :)

    I would recommend playing with 2-3 unique classes through custom chars (min-max optional), and depending on your choice of party size, fill the remaining slots with NPCs. This way I am able to get multiple unique classes in one playthrough and able to use their synergies well, if any. I would choose NPC's I haven't played with yet so that it feel like a fresh playthrough.

    WS/Thief is also a great dual option, definitely worth playing it once. In fact, there are several unique dual class options worth checking out, esp with the initial class' Kits.
  • dr_mudsdr_muds Member Posts: 73
    Yeah I had a blast trying out kits/classes/duals that aren’t represented much in the BG series and I would never normally try in IWD:EE and the Black Pits.

    Take my IWD “Justice League” themed team:

    Superman - Paladin (Undead Hunter)
    Wonder Woman - Ranger/Cleric
    Aquaman - Berzerker 9 > Druid
    Batman - Dark Moon Monk
    Flash - Bard
    Cyborg - Swashbuckler 10 > Mage

    Or my Black Pits “X Men” themed team:

    Cyclops - Elven Archer
    Wolverine - Dwarven Defender
    Beast - Half Orc Priest of Lathander
    Nightcrawler - Elven Shadowdancer
    Banshee - Jester (BP1)/ Colossus - Cavalier (BP2)
    Phoenix - Dragon Disciple
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