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Mod area not showing.

Eddard_StarkEddard_Stark Member Posts: 48
edited July 5 in BGII:EE Mods
I installed some mods which add two new areas. However, when I go to the areas in game, the background of the area is all black. I can still move my character around and still talk and see NPCs, but everything else is black. Do any of you have any solution for my problem?


  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,891
    I can't help you, but those who could would need a bit more information. Which version of the game you are using for example (2.5 or updated to 2.6 already? Most mods won't be updated yet and have issues with 2.6) ,

    and the most important information, of course, would be which mods you have installed that aren't working as intended and other mods.

    Also, it's usually easier to get help if you ask in a thread that's about that mod, either here on the forum, or for example at the Gibberlings Three, if that's where you got it and there's no support thread of that mod here.

  • Eddard_StarkEddard_Stark Member Posts: 48
    I am on iPhone. The game is 2.5 and the only two mods that are the issue are Fishing For Trouble’s West Government District and the Southern Edge Mod’s district. Everything is working perfectly fine other than the appearance of the districts. I can move around in a black screened area and even see and talk to NPCs and accept and complete quests.

  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,891
    edited July 6
    I see you have already asked in the related mod thread, and @LavaDelVortel already answered that someone else had the problem with another mod and it seems to be an issue with the mobile version.

    So your best chance would be this thread about modding on iOS devices, where you seem to have received help before.

    Additionally, not everyone checks every thread. You might want to add something like "on iPhone" to the title of this thread here, so that people know immediately what your question is about.

    Good luck.

  • AciferAcifer Member Posts: 56
    edited July 6
    When using iOS, you need to convert the PVRZ files of the area for the graphics to work properly:
    _Luke_ wrote: »
    If you wanna use UI mods and/or mods that add extra areas, you need this tool (courtesy of argent77 ) ---> I recommend choosing option #7 "PVRTC 4bpp: Override files only (iOS recommended)").
    It's a PVRZ conversion mod (iOS uses the "PVRTC 4bpp RGBA" texture format) and it should be installed after all your other mods or at the very least after every mod that installs PVRZ files.

    The tool is linked on the first page of the mentioned iOS modding thread:

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