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Question about Belhifet immunities

Belhifet is immune to arcane spell 'Lightning Bolt' (3 lvl) and 'Feeblemind' (5 lvl). Is this intended or not?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    yup, he is straight up immune to those specific effects

    what to know what other immunities he has here is a list;
    power word sleep
    charm creature ( or any charming effect )
    power word stun
    panic ( has no morale failure )
    lightning bolt
    fire storm
    poison resistance 100% ( which is redundant )
    can detect invisible creatures
    regenerates 3 HP/ 3 seconds
    immune to non magical and +1 weapons

    fire resistance 100
    magic fire resistance 100
    cold resistance 50
    magic cold resistance 50
    magic resistance 80

    slashing 25
    piercing 25
    crushing 25
    missile 50
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    edited July 2021

    I know about his immunities (I already checked them in NI), but the specific immunity to the "Lightning Bolt" spell (as well as to the "Fireball/Firestorm", since it has 100% fire immunity) surprised me quite a bit.

    Also, in my opinion, in the early versions he can be feebleminded by apropriate spell. But I'm not quite sure about that.

    Thanks anyway.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,420
    I think these immunities are there because of demons also participating in the fight: they cast exactly those spells (Lightning Bolt and Fireball). As for Feeblemind, I believe it's to disable one single spell solving the whole encounter for good (similar to how SoA and ToB bosses are immune to Imprisonment).
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    I think these immunities are there because of demons ...

    Yes, I also think it's most likly because of the Cornugons. But, in my opinion, this is quite strange decision, since using 'Lightning Bolt' spell against him (by any arcane caster or, especially, avenger) would be the most obvious solution for the player.
    As for Feeblemind...

    As far as I know, he is still vulnerable to 'Hold Monster' spell, which can also 'can solving whole encounter'.

    But, in any case thank your for answer.
  • ShadowBlazeShadowBlaze Member Posts: 41
    Is he immune to the wand of polymorphing? I hope he is, because if he isn't, the next time I fight I am going to savescum and turn him into the most vicious squirrel in the realm.
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    ... turn him into the most vicious squirrel in the realm.

    Alas, he is also immune to polymorph. So, unfortunately, no demonic squirrels :)

    But in SOD he at least can be 'gunned down' with some magic, for example, in the IWD1 he is completely immune to all spells (except for those that create magic weapons, such as MMM).
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    edited July 2021
    Hmmm, it's funny, but you're right!

    Everything you say is true. I just tested it in practice.

    Result of using this 'SO magic' wand on Belhifet:

    1) Visually he isn't changes (apparently immunity to the corresponding animation)
    2) STR - 3, DEX - 10, CON - 10
    3) THAC0 - 3
    4) AC is -12 (minus twelve)
    5) Weapon set to 'squirrel weapon' - 1d2, non-magical
    6) His initial HP is 5 (five) and slowly regenerate to the current maximum of 25 HP

    As total, I think this is a fierce bug.


    As a solution: instead of all this fancy mess of effects, they must assign to the wand usage of appropriate spell (SPWI415).

    Like this, for example. It's my fix and it seems to be working correctly so far.

    Edit. Some changes in fix - change type&duration to standart.

    Edit#2. No, it doesn't work as i intended :(

    Spell effect from the wand must be avoided by 'rod/staff/wand' saving throws, bu instead it uses 'Petrification/Polymorph' (as SPWI415 spell) ones. Bummer ... :(
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,822
    If you use the same spell, it'll have the same saves. You'd need to clone the spell for the wand, change all of the save effects in the cloned spell, and then add immunity to that new spell to all relevant items.
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    Yes, thanks, yesterday I also came to the same conclusion. But:

    #1 In addition to Belhifet, perhaps someone else should be immune to polymorph, so serach and edit all these creatures (their equipped items) for theese new immunities is quet overwhelming task for me.

    #2 BG2e also has such a wand, and there - see #1.
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