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Mod NPC Recommendations for a new EET run.

CalemyrCalemyr Member Posts: 238
So I recently heard about the EET mod Shine on Caelar, which lets you recruit everyone's favorite false hero to the party for TOB. Interested, I saw that the mod points out that, when combined with The Longer Road, you can have a party including all three of your arc nemeses. I've got to try that in my next run. Of course, this is an EET-only mod and this run has a third of the final party being TOB only, which means I have a lot of wiggle room for the first three games when it comes to party composition, allowing me to experiment with mod NPCs I wouldn't normally use due to incomplete content (no ToB content, or perhaps no BG2 content at all) or just losing the competition for the final party slots.

The idea this run:
Main character is a Warhorn Shaman (Artisan Kitpack). Since the warhorn shaman's dance summons humanoid ghosts, the idea is that the main character is closely tied to Bhaal's essence but coming at it from the opposite direction, connecting to the victims of murder rather than the act itself. This is the first run that I'm starting with the intention of picking the godhood ending, where they effectively become the "Lord of the Murdered". (Effectively the Kelemvor for Bhaal?)

The final party includes Imoen and the three villains, but I'm not sure who gets the final slot yet. If the final member is romanceable, I might do that, but I won't be pursuing romances otherwise.

All this is an overly long preamble to my question to you folks: Anyone have any recommendations for mod NPCs to add? I'm expecting to use Aura and one of the paladins (Isra or Sirine), none of whom I've used in BG/SoD, and I'd like to just take the opportunity to try out more NPCs I've never given a fair shake to since I have to play through the whole series to play this run, but have at least three disposable slots for most of it.


  • ShirakShirak Member Posts: 62
    Aura is brilliant. Unfortunately, @AionZ hasn't released the BG2EE component of Aura, so you won't be able to do EET with her. Sirene is good as well, and you can take her all the way, and have an alternative to Keldorn for Carsomyr.

    @Skitia's NPCs are good too, I personally like Emily and Vienxay, Emily more.

    Skie and Fade are also 2 other good NPC thieves, both with great storylines. might seriously want to reconsider using anything from the platform that you find the Shine on Caelar mod, especially their version of EET Installer Tool. EET is EET, that EET Installer Tool is another thing entirely.

  • CalemyrCalemyr Member Posts: 238
    Oh? That's a shame. Without Caelar, this run would be pointless.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 753
    What mods you use is your decision. Roxanne has had an ill reputation in large part to her Sandrah Saga mods being ick overall, but I too am curious about this Caelar mod.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,067
    @Calemyr If new to the community, be aware that Roxanne's EE Install Tool downloads and considers outdated or inofficial (changed) mod versions. It's also part of Roxanne's not so great reputation in the modding scene.

  • CalemyrCalemyr Member Posts: 238
    Been using mods since before Throne of Bhaal came out. Best part of an already great game is the ability to make the story evergreen through the near infinite combinations of mods the community has crafted over the years. Never tried Sandrah because the required mods were too extensive even for my tastes (I looked into it once and quit when I saw the list), and didn't realize this mod was by the same author.

    Has anyone else put out a workable Caelar mod? Or have they all been abandoned?

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