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Neera's Quest and Aldoy - Neera Gone - Fix

MinnengrodaMinnengroda Member Posts: 1
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regarding this Post:

I found a workaround which involves Near Infinity, which you can download here:

After your talk with Aldoy, where Neera is present but not within my party never got back to the Friendly Arms Inn.

Exploring the .gam file within my latest save I saw that her location was set to "none", you simpy use the programm to set it to AR2301.ARE (Friendly Arm Inn, ground floor (Bentley Mirrorshade, Khalid, Jaheira)) with the coordinates 940/820 and shes there again, if anybody encountered the same bug as i did.

If you set the parameters right shes there and will banter with you.

Hope this helps sb. cause i couldnt find anything on that matter in the net.

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