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Android : Can't open bg2 folder from computer

laneislaneis Member Posts: 11
Greetings everyone,

I just bought a new phone, Galaxy Z Fold 3, running Android 11.
After a fresh install of bg2, i wanted to upload some portraits, and upload my previous save, and i can't acces the BG2 folder anymore.
are empty, and i can't even write anything inside.
They are something like protected, with invisible content.
But i have 2 or 3 saved games inside, that i can play with.

i tryed to supress and download them again, with no luck.

Directly from the device, i can't see the folders and files from Android/data

Nwn folder is perfectly fine, i can access "files"
com.aspyr.swkotorii also.

It's only a problem with BG1, and BG2.
Anyone is having such troubles? what could i do ?

Many thanks


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