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Some interface improvements


To make this beautiful game even more beautiful, I would suggest just a few interface improvements for now.

First, the interface should entail complete information. For example, if you choose to be a Dark Moon Monk, then the class information on the screen only contains the information for the Dark Moon Monk alone, but it does not include the general information for the monk class. The Dark Moon Monk information does not show that a monk is immune to diseases with level 5 and immune to poisons with level 11, for example. You must leave the game and check sources online if you want to check that.
I would suggest simply adding the general monk class information below the kit class information in the class section.
This should be done for all kit classes.

Second, currently, there is no tab on the character screen pertaining to the race. For example, if you play an elf, you cannot see in-game what bonuses the elf class has. You have to check online again for that.
However, all information should be available and easily accessible within the game.
So, I would suggest adding a race tab to the character screen.

Third, I would like to see improved icons for status effects. The monk, for example, is immune to diseases starting level 5. However, there is no icon or other in-game information that would indicate that. Nowhere in the game can you see it. But visual completeness is more appealing and beautiful. An icon is displayed for the monk's immunity to poisons but not diseases. This is inconsistent and should be improved.

Having mentioned the icons for status effects, I would suggest making the information clearer and complete. For example, the monk becomes immune to charm when reaching level 9. Then there is an icon displayed, labeled "Mind Shield." It is great that an icon is available for that, and the term is fitting. However, this "Mind Shield" does not say precisely what it means. There should be a smaller sentence saying that immunity to charm is achieved.
Another example is the "Negative Plane Protection" icon of the undead hunter. It does not say what kind of immunities are entailed under this. Also here complete information should be displayed.
This should be done for all icons.

My general intention is to enhance the game's beauty and convenience. And I think the developers can easily implement the three points I mentioned.
Not only does all this improve convenience, but it also enhances the atmosphere and immersion for the game, I would argue.



  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,347
    Class/Kit Descriptions: I can second this.
    The game overrides class name/description with a kit if it can, as it only allows one class name/description (per class for multi/duals) for each character. While it would be simple enough to merge the base class info into each kit 's existing description, it would be very cramped in the current text boxes, as well as tedious to account for each game and language.

    Portrait Icons: Clicking them (in the record screen) for detailed information would be feasible, except
    • Several icons are used by multiple spells/items/abilities, each with minor differences. No single description would suffice. Furthermore, they are blocked and removed independently of the effects they represent, so if you gave every source it's own icon/description, it would bloat spells/items that remove them or grant immunity. This is mostly harmless, though the game will crash on rest if any memorized healing spell contains more than 255 effects for a given level, fortunately the more common conditions (poison, disease) that such spells remove don't or no longer require separate portrait icon effects.
    • Several more are hardcoded to specific effects, so they could accurately describe the base effect, but not details specific to the source, without creating a duplicate for every source, which would cause each of these effects to generate duplicate icons.
    • The portrait only has room for 24 icons, and clutters up very quickly when you try giving every different effect it's own icon.
    • There are a lot of natural weapons and abilities without any name/description that would need them generated.
    • IWDEE would require a bit more work, as it has a different UI layout.
    • Such a change would likely be left to mods, not the base game.
    I made a mock-up mod based on this idea a few years ago:
    I managed to find and cleaned the mod up some, but it is still a rather crude attempt.
  • HenlikuothHenlikuoth Member Posts: 24
    Hello kjeorn,

    Thanks for the response.

    Regarding the cluttering of icons on the character portrait, I would suggest creating a second screen. Maybe by clicking on a symbol next to the portrait, this second screen can open up, and you see all currently active status effects (icons).

    On top of that, I would suggest categorizing the icons.
    First, positive or beneficial and negative or harmful status effects should be clearly distinguished.
    Second, I would suggest three further categories:
    1. Innate or permanent status effects (usually provided by the class itself)
    2. Temporary status effects granted by items or gear
    3. Temporary status effects granted by magic/spells

    The record screen can be used for detailed information about what precisely a particular status effect does.

    I am sure the programmers of Beamdog can find good ways.
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