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NWN EE Switch version - Any update to come?

LordAvernus77LordAvernus77 Member Posts: 1
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Hi! I have been a dedicated Neverwinter Nights player since the game first released back in 2002 and recently purchased the Switch version of this wonderful game. I did notice however that the last time there seem to have been an update of the Switch version was quite a while ago and was wondering if Beamdog had any plans to polish this version a bit more in the near future?

I noticed a couple of problems (namely clipping, offline lagging in some areas and CtD issues) which I do not recall getting on my old original patched up PC version (pre-EE) of the game. I also noticed that, contrary to the enchanced edition PC version, the Switch version appears to be missing some Premium modules (Infinite Dungeons and the recently added Tyrants of the Moonsea, I think).

Perhaps JuliusBorisov is available to provide me with an answer (or anyone of his colleagues)?

Many thanks!
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  • tinbluetinblue Member Posts: 18
    Do we assume the Switch version has been abandoned?
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