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Feature requests for 2.7

UlkeshUlkesh Member Posts: 212
Hopefully this topic won't go to the wasteland - it doesn't hurt to try asking.

1) Add Debug mode option inside menu

2) Add option to make ranger\cleric acquisition of spells toggleable, rather than having to touch the .ini

3) Add a script action or opcode to modify creatures' OriginalClass values.

4) Better troll handling: -> see here:

5) Fix the following bug:

6) Add back Catmull-Rom Bicubic method. Some informations:

7) Restore old runehammer icon: and correct Enrage icon:

8) Revenant Animation Fix:In the Enhanced Editions revenants make use of the zombie animation even though a dedicated revenant animation already exists within the game files. Revenant animation should be assigned to revenant creatures and its dedicated soundset restored (it would otherwise use the ghoul soundset.)
Note: Andrea C. should be credited for the discovery:

9) Please add an option to have only one quicksave on option menu, without having to install a dedicated mod


  • RayCatRayCat Member Posts: 15
    I'd like if we could detect if a PC was given an order by the player in scripts, that would let us break any checks that have been introduced to override actions like follow etc.
    Eg if we want PC archers to advance the only way to stop them walking all the way to the front line is to tell them to attack when they see someone, regardless of if there's an action in queue. However if that command was overridden by the player, it would be better to now turn off that behaviour because we don't want it to override your orders
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