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No epic skills after level 20?

NeeraWMNeeraWM Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 11
After playing BG2 up to ToB many times I decided to try IWD on HoF mode.
Knowing that I started with 6 tri-class characters, as I read that the maximum level would've been 30/30/30. I expected, though, that after level 18-20 in every class, special/epic skills would appear as they do in BG2. Instead, they do not appear.

The power progression after level 20 is risible because of the lack of these skills, of seriously upgraded magic items (or new items exclusive to the HoF mode). Is this "as intended" or am I missing something?
Are there any mods I could install to add them without losing my saved game?

Thank you


  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 52
    You started a 6 character group from level in HOF mode?
    Did you do Fighter/Mage/Cleric x5 and Fighter/Mage/Thief x1?
    Did you do the Heart of Winter part too? Or Trials of the Loremaster?

    As far as skills, as I can see it, they are for weapons. Other skills would be for the Thief and I read you could get a 120 in each skill if you choose or max out 2 at 250 and just spend the rest on whatever. Of course spells for the cleric, druid, shaman, mage, sorcerer, bard and later for the ranger and paladin. The bard and mages can learn new skills as they progress through the game.

    Hit point rolls stop at level 10? I think that was the same with the table top game too, but I am not sure. Depending on your class, you get either 1 or 3 hit points per level, something like that.

    Thaco improves as you level, helps you hit with attacks.
    Saving throws improve s you level to help you resist spells and magic attacks.

    Some classes will grant a skill at a certain level and you get more uses as you level.

    That's pretty much it. I think the real issue with this game is, intelligence and charisma stat doesn't mean much unless you want to learn spells or get better vendor prices, so there really isn't any RP. Your choice in dialog really doesn't matter either. From what I have read and been told, certain classes get an additional choice that could lead to a goody or maybe some party experience, but that's it.

    I don't know about Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights, but this game seems to be a straight forward table top D&D game (never played, but watched many) turned into a hack and slash computer game.

    I guess my answer is a very longwinded... no?
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,882
    NeeraWM wrote: »
    The power progression after level 20 is risible because of the lack of these skills

    Although characters in IWD don't get HLAs, they continue to get stronger after level 20 in other ways.

    * Unlike in BG2, where the power of spells caps at caster level 20 (e.g. Horrid Wilting only deals up to 20d8 damage even for characters above level 20), in IWD spells with no explicit cap keep getting stronger until caster level 30 (so Horrid Wilting deals up to 30d8 damage).
    * Bards, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers, and mages continue to get additional spell slots past level 20.
    * At very high levels, bards can get up to 8th level spells, and paladins and rangers can get up to 6th level spells (whereas in BG2, bards could only get up to 6th level spells, paladins could only get up to 4th level spells, and rangers could only get up to 3rd level spells).
  • NeeraWMNeeraWM Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 11
    @Unsanity : I started the original game with 5x fighter/cleric/mage and 1x fighter/thief/mage on normal difficulty. Completed everything including TotL & HoW (though it was incredibly hard), then started with same characters (ca. lv. 13/13/13) in HoF.
    @OlvynChuru : thanks for clarifying. Another issue is that there are not enough high-level spell scrolls to feed all the mages, and a Comet/Dragon Breath or Whirlwind would greatly help sometimes.

    THAC0 stops when hitting 0, and being tri-class need specific armours that do not prevent spell-casting, making AC an issue in later stages.
  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 52
    OlvynChuru : That's good to know. I'll do a few play throughs with different groups and pick the best one to start again with HoF mode to get the characters in higher levels. I remember from past games that a ranger could only get up to 3rd level, so I didn't care if he had high wisdom or not. I usually don't play bards or paladins, so I didn't know their spell caps.

    NeeraWM : That's amazing. I hear you about the scrolls. So far with my current groups I have the paused at the Severed Hand, but when I first started this game I had a hard time deciding which spell scrolls to give to which mage. I would play with 1 or 2 cleric/mages in the group. Armor was an issue too. Basically I made one a summoner and the other damage dealer. I gave plate mail to the summoner, taking it off before I cast my spells and keeping it on when I cast animate dead.
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