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Casting Call: Homer J. Simpson (Voting pole attached)

Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
Okay I am super bored and was thinking of this game while I was streaming old episodes of the Simpsons. Then I had an idea of making a group based off of the Simpsons. Originally I wasn't going to add a pole, I was just going to ask in comments. So I am testing the pole for the first time.

Below is what I made just for fun. I used Classic Homer. Honestly, if I was going to role play Homer, the scores would be much lower. So I just did the reroll fearure to get those min/max rolls so he wouldn't die. Of course that was just for fun. I'll make a new one based off of the pole. If this goes well, I'll do the same for Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and I am leaning on Grampa for #6.


Out of the 6 pictures of Homer Simpson, which one should be made into a character in Icewind Dale?

Batman Homer

Classic Homer

Hulk Homer

3D Homer

Men in Black Homer

Wolverine Homer

Gimme any suggestions to race, class, skills, alignment too. I want this to be as fun as possible. Plus I am really curious about the overall activity in this game forum since its such an old game.

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Best picture of Homer Simpson to use as an IWD character.
  1. Which picture of Homer should I use for my team of 6 Simpson family members?12 votes
    1. Batman Homer
    2. Classic Homer
    3. Hulk Homer
    4. 3D Homer
    5. Men in Black Homer
    6. Wolverine Homer


  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
    edited March 2022
    I chose 3D Homer because it freaked me out a little. Batman Homer would be a close second and MIB Homer just for the small portrait that looks like Mr. Smith from The Matrix.

    Since 3D Homer has those bugged out eyes, I would go with a Berserker for sure. Full on Chaos, that's, what, Chaotic Neutral? Two handed weapon of course, say that +1 Con Axe from Conlan. Half-Orc for the 19 strength (20 if you find that +1 str - 1 dex ring) and 19 constitution (20 with that two handed axe).

    Also, the large picture of 3D Homer has b-t-h t-ts like Bob in Fight Club. HIS NAME WAS ROBERT PAULSON!!!!!
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    You're the only one to like that one so far. /Doh!
    I guess it is a bit disturbing. I just think it's funny.
  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 418
    Classic Homer. He should use a Flail or Mace, make a soundset for him where he says "I'll mace you good!" and you'll be golden.

  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31

    Homer: I'll mace you good! You can hear the mace chain.
    Bart: Aaaaaahhhhhh!

    Could make Classic Homer a Cleric since they use maces.
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    Hulk Homer. 1/2 Orc for sure. Berserker or Barbarian?
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