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Casting Call: Lisa Simpson (Voting pole attached)

Number four of six. I AM NUMBER FOUR! Horrible movie, but it reminded me of it. So, Lisa Simpson is the next one of the Simpson Family.

Attached are 6 pictures and of course a made up character just for fun. I chose Transmuter because it looked like she was going to turn that cat into something else.


Goth Lisa

Adventurer Lisa (Maybe a druid or ranger since she has leaves)

Classic Lisa

Jazz Lisa (Bard of course)

Cool Lisa (To compete with Cool Bart)

Wizard Lisa (Maybe a Gnome Illusionist)
Best picture of Lisa Simpson to use as an IWD character.
  1. Which picture of Lisa should I use for my team of 6 Simpson family members?7 votes
    1. Goth Lisa
    2. Adventurer Lisa
    3. Classic Lisa
    4. Jazz Lisa
    5. Cool Lisa
    6. Wizard Lisa


  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 48
    Goth Lisa FTW!
  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 418
    Wizard Lisa, shes the best choice of the family to be a wizard, except maybe witch Marge. Personally I was hoping that you would pick Angelica Button for wizard Lisa.
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    edited March 19
    I didn't see any when I was looking for Lisa pictures. I could have done a target search, that would have resulted in a few good pictures to choose from. I keep finding good pictures of the other Simpsons when I am looking for a picture of a different Simpson.

    The ones I found while I was searching a different Simpson. It's only 2. I found more, just didn't save them.


    Doing a targeted search for Angelica Button.


    I kind of remember those episodes. I was never a Harry Potter fan so they didn't ring any of my bells, but I remember Homer trying to alter the ending to save Lisa's feelings. Don't get me wrong, I liked the movies, just didn't follow the characters since I didn't read any of the books.
  • Looney_CartoonyLooney_Cartoony Member Posts: 31
    Adventurer Lisa. Elf single class Druid? Maybe with a kit? Or Half Elf Fighter/Druid?
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