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Scar Questions (Spoilers)

So with Scar, from what I've read, you can either avoid talking to him completely on the bridge into Baldur's Gate (Wyrm's Crossing) or you can talk to him and decline to help him. If you do either of these two things, he will appear later outside the Flaming Fist HQ.

If you decide instead to help him, he won't appear outside Flaming Fist HQ.

I'm assuming if you want to do the Seven Suns quest but decline him on the bridge, he will give it to you later outside of Flaming Fist HQ?

Also, Question -- When is the best time if you want to have a go at killing him for his 9,000 xp? Can you do it after he gives you quests? Or do you have to forfeit a quest to make that happen? Just curious.
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