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Ranger Stronghold Quest 2 Failed (Missed/Delon never showed)

Hi so I've run into this somewhat well known bug, rock up to to Umar Hills to find the Ranger Stronghold closed due to thread title. I've seen people say they've fixed it but they never say how, the one solution I found unfortunately didn't work (last post in this thread by CamDawg, Delon won't spawn after the commands)

I proceeded to see this thread

And the issue was fixed but unfortunately not explained how. I am fine with using the console does anyone have any ideas? It's basically ruined my friends game


  • James_MJames_M Member Posts: 131
    Recommended after completing the first Ranger Stronghold quest with Mairyn: do a major save and then test that Delon will appear in 4 days. Delon I appears at least in Athkatla Slums, Docks; De'Arnise, Entrance to U/D, Trademeet, Small Teeth Pass, Druid Grove, Temple Ruins, Forest of Tethir, [EE: Hidden Refuge and Abandoned Amphitheatre]

    Delon (1st appearance): "…There's orcs…big ones!..." Notifies of Ranger Stronghold 2nd quest (Orcs/Madulf/Ogrons) which must be completed within 3 days or you will lose the Ranger stronghold.

    Also, for the Ranger stronghold 2nd quest/Delon's first appearance:
    Possible Ranger Stronghold quest bug if Delon appears in Umar Hills (script reverts back to the very first encounter with him in Government district) so might need to re-load or time it so that Delon appears on a different map.
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