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ZeckulZeckul Member Posts: 1,031
edited December 2012 in Windows PC (Archive)
This is a compiled list of known issues and their best known solutions. None of this is guaranteed to work for you, but if it’s here, it’s because it has worked for at least some people. This list represents the best of our current knowledge and will improve as time passes and patches are released. If you have any new solutions to propose, please simply reply to this topic.

Don't use this thread to post new issues. Create your own thread instead.

Before we begin, here are some general steps that can fix a wide variety of issues:
- Make sure your drivers are up-to-date, especially those for your graphics card [Intel, NVIDIA, AMD].
- If you are running the game full-screen, try running it windowed and vice-versa (hit Alt+Enter).
- If you’ve installed the game using the stand-alone installer, try uninstalling it and reinstalling using the Beamdog client.

If you can't find any solution in this thread, please create a new thread on these forums including your full PC specs and as much detail as possible.

Update: if your game crashes it will now generate a dump file. This file contains the state of the game when it crashed; this is invaluable information to the developers, it will help them track the problem quickly. Please zip this file and send it to [email protected]. It will be located in "[user]/Documents/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition/crash". Read this for more details.

A. General

Where is the settings (.ini) file?

Baldur.ini is at [User]/Documents/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition. This file is best viewed in Wordpad, Notepad++ and all good text editors (NOT Notepad).

Where is the executable?

Baldur.exe is at [Path to your BeamDog folder]/BeamDog/Games/00766.

The game fails to launch with the error: "This program can't start because OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer."

If you’ve installed through the standalone installer, try installing through the Beamdog client.
If that doesn’t work, uninstall OpenAL and reinstall the game through the Beamdog client.
If that still doesn't work, download and install OpenAL from Creative's website.

The game doesn’t start or crashes on startup.

Solution #1: Read Trent Oster's recent post about this.
Solution #2: Install OpenAL.
Solution #3: Set this in your Baldur.ini under "Program options":
'Graphics', 'OpenGL Version', '1',
Solution #4: Make sure the game is actually running on the GPU by following these instructions (source).
Solution #5: Navigate to your Baldur.exe executable (../Beamdog/00766/Baldur.exe). Right-click this file and select "Run with graphics processor" (if available), and try the different options there, for some the GPU works, for some it's the integrated graphics.
Solution #6: Uninstall the game. Download the Beamdog client, go to Settings -> Configure, and change the location to a short path with only ASCII characters, for example “C:\Games”. Click apply, and install the game through the Beamdog client.
Solution #7: Running iTunes lets some people launch the game, as random as that may sound.
Solution #8: Find your Baldur.exe, right-click, select properties and go to Compatibility. Try the various modes there. Some people have reported success with Windows XP SP2 and Vista SP1 modes, notably.

B. Graphics and performance

The cursor disappears when I pick up items in the inventory.

Solution #1: Go to Options -> Graphics and uncheck "Hardware Mouse Cursor".
Solution #2: Switch to windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter.

The game is clipped, i.e. part of it is off-screen.

Solution #1: Right-click Baldur.exe, select Properties, then Compatibility, and check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings."
Solution #2: Set your font scaling to 125% or 100%. Instructions for Windows 7 here.
Solution #3: Try playing the game windowed instead (hit Alt+Enter).

The fonts are extremely blurry.

Disable FXAA in your video card options. AMD users that experience the same problem might have a similar option in their video card options (MLAA?).

There is constant full-screen flickering, or parts of previous screen show on a new one (it doesn’t clear properly)

Disable triple buffering in your video card options.

Text overlays (tooltips) are flickering.

Disable adaptative VSync in your video card options.

I’m on a laptop with an NVIDIA video card, and I’m only seeing white boxes on black background, OR the game is very slow, OR I’m seeing all kinds of graphical corruption.

Make sure the game is running on the GPU by following the instructions here.

I’m on a laptop with an integrated Intel chipset such as 945, 965, GM45, etc., and the game is very slow.

This is a known issue with Intel chipsets and OpenGL that affects other games as well (i.e. Minecraft). Beamdog is investigating adding a DirectX rendering path.
Solution #1: Make sure your drivers are up-to-date (see Intel link above), set Baldur.exe to Windows 95 compatibility mode and disable desktop composition (these options are found by right-clicking Baldur.exe and going to Properties -> Compatibility). This made the game playable on my GM45 laptop and worked for others as well.
Solution #2: @Nathan has listed a few potential workarounds here.
Solution #3: here's another collection of workarounds here.

I’m on a laptop with a discrete graphics card and the game is slow and none of what you suggested worked.

It is possible your video card is not detecting BG:EE as a game and is running in economic mode. If your laptop has different power modes (i.e. “Battery Saving”, “Power Saver”, “Balanced”, “High Performance”, “Entertainment”, etc), try setting it to the highest one.

I only see the game through flickering black and white boxes

Some users have reported this behavior being caused by MSI Afterburner. Disable it if is running. Other game overlays or screen recorders might cause similar issues.

Where are the graphical options? / I cannot change the resolution.

This is by design. BG:EE runs at your desktop resolution. Note that unlike in BG1 and BG2, resolution has no effect on the relative size of elements on the screen, as BG:EE auto-scales the GUI and provides a zoom feature.
To manually set the size of the window in windowed mode, open your Baldur.ini file and edit the following lines under program options:
'Graphics', 'Width', '1280', 
'Graphics', 'Height', '720'

C. Sound

There is no sound.

Make sure your speakers are actually working of course. If you installed through the standalone installer, try reinstalling through the Beamdog client, as it seems the standalone installer currently may fail to install OpenAL. Installing OpenAL manually may solve this issue as well.
User @DerDuke has listed a few solutions here as well.

There is sound, but it has serious issues - cut-offs, static, etc.

This seems to be an issue with Creative X-Fi sound cards.
Solution #1: Switch to a different audio device if you have one.
Solution #2: @DreadPirate_Duo has posted a potential solution here. Please reply to his thread if it worked for you!

My game is in a non-english language, but only english voices are playing.

This is a known issue with the game. This should be fixed in a later patch.

D. Gameplay

The game freezes or crashes when I place a note on the map.

This is supposed to be fixed as of December 1st, 2012. If anyone still encounters this exact problem please report here.

How do I import custom portraits?

Create a folder called "Portraits" in [user]/Documents/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.
The image files must respect a certain format, which is detailed here.

In multiplayer, the game pauses when we rest and we cannot unpause afterwards.

This is partly fixed, but there are still some issues; please refer to this post for information on how to workaround it.

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