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Corrupted saves every time

Hey (a) Its me :) Im playing baldurs gate 2 with the ee mod where you can chosse what mods to install. I choosed a whole lot with fun to play longer :) In the beginning i used qiucksave no problem but after a while they were getting corrupted. Ok i found a save long way back and continoued to play but this time i saved in the meny to be sure it would be right :) I played many ours and suddenly my saves started to get corrupted again. Hmm i tryed to change enviorment and tryed to save, it says save succeded bhut it didnt. Every save i do no matter were i am theyre getting corrupted. When i try to load up a save sound continoues but everything on the screen freeze and the thinking circle appears. Sorry for bad english writing but i hope someone maybe can help me to sort this out, i really really wanna play :)


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