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Siege of DragonSpear starts me back in BGEE?

I finished BG and after the Boss fight I thought I was into Dragonspear. I exported my character but had to restart and after that when I select SOD it lands me back at the intro in Candlekeep where Gorion is about to send me off. I have my 120hp Ranger but stuck in BG Act 1. I am sure there is a simple fix right?


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,665
    edited June 2022
    The transition from Sarevok end fight to SoD (Korlasz Tomb) should happen automatically, no need to export / import your character. What exactly happened so this didn't work for you? Do you have mods installed?
    Also, if you click on "new game", make sure the SoD campaign is chosen. If you start the game and see the game menue, it should display the SoD sign on the left. (I was too dumb to understand that when I wanted to play SoD the first time, so I just want to make sure.)
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