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Creature Codes

Can anyone post a list of creature codes for Icewind Dale? I know you can search with NearInfinity but I'd rather not download it at the moment-so if anyone could share a complete list either on here or on the Icewind Dale wiki (similar to the list compiled for the Baldur's Gate wiki) it would be very much appreciated :smile: I've discovered that some creature codes from the other games work using the console-imagine my surprise to see one of the good aligned elemental princes from Throne of Bhaal!


  • StelliumStellium Member Posts: 3
    Same ! I need help, also I don't understand how to use that program, I thought it was a notepad with the list of codes but I don't see any of that. Does anyone know what the codes are to create creatures? I want to do some experiments, controlling the mind of a monster so that it faces another and see who wins and other things.
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