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bug or wokeness?

iassonasiassonas Member Posts: 1

Mira in the original had light brown hair, in the EE she has purple. Is this a bug? And if yes, where can i report it in order to get fixed?

If this was done on purpose, why was it done? Isn't it illegal to change original content?


Old: rsngmu0flndx.jpg
New: hlc93z3wjaz1.png


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,345
    Neither, I think. Mira (shop01.cre) has "Color Index 200 - Hair Set 1" as hair color - which is a random color. The EE made more colors available for hair (in the old engine, purple hair would crash the game), so now purple is an option.
    If you load a new game, or just cheat a new Mira in, the hair color should change randomly.
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