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Dalmir_The_DarkDalmir_The_Dark Member Posts: 34
So after you expose Wylfdene and return to Lonelywood and run into Purvis in the Cartwright's house, he goes into lengthy detail about how he's an assassin and his disguise as the gravedigger was all a cover because, you know, being an assassin you have to take your time gathering information on your mark and cleverly plan out how to kill them and all that. And now, since you killed his mark - Wylfdene - (or so he thinks) he doesn't want you to be able to take the credit so he has to kill you.

And then after all that, literally his best plan for taking you out is to turn invisible and go Leroy Jenkins on your entire party all by himself, possibly taking 1 on 6 odds (if you have a full party)??? LOL... This guy has to be the stupidest assassin of all time. Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to come up with some kind of plan and ambush you when you least expect it? Or maybe lay some traps in the Cartwright's house? Stalk your party for days at a time, patiently taking you all out, one at a time and then disappearing back into the shadows, only to return later when you least expect it to assassinate another party member, disappear into the shadows again, wash, rinse, repeat, until you are all dead.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this was a wasted opportunity to have some truly grand roleplaying by an NPC assassin, playing an assassin like they should actually be played.


  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,599
    I believe that this sounds as an interesting addition and IWDEE really needs additions that will make the game better and shine with the potential that's sometimes burried deep under the snow!

    I wouldn't turn that into a huge quest, but adding some flavor wouldn't hurt. I am thinking of some traps that may be activated after the talk. Possibly use the script Ketta has in BG2? She attacks PC, drinks potion of invisibility and attacks again (and does that a couple of time). Such strategy combined with a trap or two would feel suitable. Perhaps one that stuns the party for a short moment?

    I am wondering... perhaps that's something for IWD Unfinished Business or Tweaks Anthology? Maybe @CamDawg has some notes on Purvis? "Sensible Purvis" sounds like a nice IWD tweak component.
  • ReklawenalpReklawenalp Member Posts: 9
    he's an assassin, so he only gets 15 points per level. Most likely spent all on stealth, no points to lay traps.
  • BardsSuck_BardsSuck_ Member Posts: 133
    Just because he is an assasin he needs to have 140 iq ? Most npcs are subhumans with room temperature iq, i think you gave this way too much importance, its not like the guy is Davaeorn, the cunning type.
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