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Icewind Dale EE - Questions about Reputation and Shop prices

I wonder how I can raise my starting reputation in IWDEE in order to gain some more bonuses once I go on my next shopping spree.

Unlike in the Baldur's Gate Series, donating in temples does not seem to help. Also the BG Wiki mentions a ton of quests - the one for Icewind Dale does'nt seem to havy any...

Another qustion i am interested in:

How are shop prices exactly calculated?

The IWD Wiki has a list for Pomab's which differntiates between good, bad and neutral rep, which seems to be different from what the manual says.

Can someone maybe provide the exact formula?

Thank you for any advice!


  • MistercuriousMistercurious Member Posts: 37
    I just googled it again - there ssems to be no possibility to raise reputation over 12 by doing quests during the game.

    So the price discounts mentioned in the manual seem to be kind of moot (if you no do not use an editor that is.)

    I wonder if there is a mod that adds more possibilities regarding reputation?
  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 149
    Only way I know of to impact shop prices is via "Friend" to raise the CHR. Not played it for a while but from memory the character you cast friend on, also has to be in position 1.
  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,034
    IWD (both vanilla and EE) never really cared about reputation; it exists, and I think you can raise it in temples, but for the most part it is least from what I recall. You can set up some scripts to mess with reputation easily enough.
  • Kylan271Kylan271 Member Posts: 14
    You get Questt Rep increases, which affect shop prices from Mods like Laravals here.
  • MistercuriousMistercurious Member Posts: 37
    @Kylan271: Thank you for pointing out that possibility. Where can I find such a mod?
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,970
    there are 2 things that affect shop prices; CHA and reputation

    having 20 CHA ( which has the max benefit ) gives you a 25% discount while your REP will set the default price ( either making it more or less expensive, for example; 1 REP makes items 1000% more expensive, while 20 REP makes items 70% of their cost )

    and then each store has a mark buy/sell mark up and depreciation value on top of that as well

    the formula for CHA is as follows;

    1-15= 0% discount
    16 = 5% discount
    17 = 10% discount
    18 = 15% discount
    19 = 20% discount
    20-25 = 25% discount

    formula for Reputation: ( % of base price )
    1 = 1000
    2 = 1000
    3 = 200
    4 = 150
    5 = 140
    6 = 130
    7 = 120
    8 = 120
    9 = 110
    10-14 = 100
    15 = 95
    16 = 90
    17 = 85
    18 = 80
    19 = 75
    20 = 70

    now in the EEs they changed it for IWD where you can actually donate money to the temple to get your REP back up if it falls low, the only caveat is that you can increase back up to like 7 or 8 which is loltastic to be honest

    if you possess the modding tools to do so, you can change these parameters in the following files;

    REPMODST.2da affects the base price as above

    REPUTATI.2da affects how much you need to donate to increase your REP to the next point ( just make sure to put in "10" for the "money church" row for each point increase to be "1" in game, and "base church" row is how much money you need for the next point )

    CHRMODST.2da affects how much of a discount you get with said CHA score as above

    and if you are incredibly savy, you can look at the xxxx.STO files ( which are the stores in the game ) and see what their sell/buy mark up is and change it as you like ( you can also change things like if you can steal from them and how much of a stealing penalty you get as well and so on)
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,616
    In the EE, there's also a flag "Ignore reputation" on stores; if you set it, that store uses 100% instead of whatever's in the REPMODST table. The stores in the Black Pits 2 adventure (included in BG2EE) have that flag set.
    At least, that flag works in BGEE/BG2EE. I don't know about IWDEE.
  • MistercuriousMistercurious Member Posts: 37
    @sarevok57: Thank you for lining it all out.

    I am still wondering if there is mod that gives me REP increases for quests in IWDEE like the "Laravals" one mentioned above.

    I have never heard of such a mod as of yet.

    Whithout a means of getting REP higher throughout gameplay (like you can in the BG series) the whole tweaking would not make much sense I guess.
  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 538
    It's not Laraval, it's Lava's WeaselMods. Rediscovery of Kuldahar includes a few rep increase results. I'm not sure on the others, but there's nothing to lose if you install all his other IWDEE questmods as well.
  • Kylan271Kylan271 Member Posts: 14
    Rep increases apart from the limited Church donations, only occur in Mods(as mentioned above)-which you definitely need if completing ToL where you have to kill people for Items. Unlike BG, you can't get rep in the game from quests. For some reason Reputation was ditched in IWD, geez.

    The noted bonus from this not mentioned, is that you can accumulate infinite money, by buying and selling for profit. As the buying price becomes lower than the selling price(ie Orrik & Oswald).
  • MistercuriousMistercurious Member Posts: 37
    I got some REP increases from Artisan's house rules mod, one point after completing the Vale of Shadows, one further point after completing the Temple of the Forgotten God and I think two more after completing the Severed Hand.

    I will try and install Lava DelVortels mods on my next playthrough and see how many points I get from there.

    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried out these kods how many points you can get...

    As for buying and selling I think I will buy from Orrick / Oswald and sell stuff to Nym withe the highest REP possible to make some profits.
  • inethineth Member Posts: 695
    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried out these kods how many points you can get...
    A fair amount.
    I listed possible reputation rewards in the quest summary tables of my walkthroughs:

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