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[RESOLVED] Haste mage spells showing extra APR in char sheet but not in actual rolls

notsocleverhoundnotsocleverhound Member Posts: 3
Intended behavior: Haste adds +1 APR and Improved Haste spells doubles APR on top of movement speed/animation speed increase. Both spells don't stack.

Observed behavior: No extra APR granted whatsoever in-game, although movement speed and animation speed do increase and the extra APRs correctly show on the character sheet.

I have confirmed this in BGEE and BG2EE by turning off "cosmetic attacks" and turning on "to-hit rolls" in feedback options, and setting autopause to "end of round". I have confirmed this with a mage, a sorcerer, using both Haste and Improved Haste on main char and various summons.

I then intended to reload old saves and found the same behavior. I uninstalled BGEE and BG2EE, cleaned my hard drive of any mods, did a fresh reinstall and still get the same behavior.

Anyone else willing to do the same test and confirm based on to-hit rolls per round?
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