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Legit Icewind Dale 2 Complete forum exist?

UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
I know this is for IWD:EE, I'm just curious if there is one for IWD2:C since IWD2:EE doesn't exist yet.

I just started it today and it's fun, even though I don't like the UI very much, and was wondering what others had to say about the game, especially party creation.

I'm trying to recreate my 3 Paladin, 2 Cleric/Mage, 1 Fighter/Thief group, but it's 3rd edition and not 2nd. So far, I am thinking I might want to start over with a new group, before I progress too far into the game, especially since I am only level 2-3 atm.


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