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Just passing through - my no reload quandry?

Havn't visited the boards for a few years (where does the time go!) but I've decided this year I'll attempt a play through of all bg and thought I'd stop by and reaquaint myself with a few ins and outs. I don't get much time for playing games these days and I havn't played bg at all for 3 years, but before that I used to play strictly no reload. The issue now is, with time constraints, I'm wondering if I should drop that. And then I worry that I won't enjoy the game as much without that gnawing fear of game over! Have other people faced the same quandry?


  • RansuriasRansurias Member Posts: 1
    edited January 24
    For me, I can accept the possibility of a game over. What really bothers me about no-reload runs is the stupid stuff that can happen which can completely ruin my enjoyment of the game -- for example, just tonight, I ended up losing two party members after Baeloth inexplicably decided to march forward a few steps during the Durlag's Tower chess event and aggro the entire board while I was trying to cast a spell. After clicking the rest button, I found that all loot on the ground had despawned, presumably due to a game engine feature that helps prevent excess item clutter for the sake of game stability. Obviously I reloaded.

    So, according to the no-reload rule, I would have to accept the fact that my fallen companions' equipment magically decayed (along with a sweet +3 two-handed sword) thanks to a fourth-wall feature during a short rest period. My bad for not collecting their items off the ground before clicking the rest button, I guess? That kind of stuff is maddeningly stupid and ridiculous. Dying is one thing, but losing your rare and valuable items to a magical decay feature? Lel, no thanks.
  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 2,434
    That's a bit of what you like to do.
    You could put things in a container in the area, then resurrect and return. You could also Ctrl-R to resurrect and dump some gold somewhere.
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