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(ToB) Companion dissapeared from the pocket realm

I dismissed Aerie from the party while in the pocket realm and told her to stay there. Normally when you do that your companions just stay there, but in this case when I came back to pick her up again she was just completely gone. I can't summon her with the faith spirit either. Help?


  • fedem97fedem97 Member Posts: 4
    lol just figured she was equiped with the Staff of the Magi, which means she is invisible. She's also equiped with Whispers of Silence so True Sight/Seeing doesn't work. I can't find any way to talk to her Any idea how i could fix this?
  • fedem97fedem97 Member Posts: 4
    Fixed it. Threw a fireball at her general direction to make her hostile, waited for her to drop the invidibilty and ctrl+q'd her.
  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 2,434
    Interesting solution
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,369
    I wouldn't know any other. This is a hilarious feature-glitch-bug.
    I think in the old engine, they were still partly visible or something. As far as I know this came up with the EEs.
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