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About Quests Starting Chapter 3 SoA

Hi Everybody

I'm a newbie of the forum and of the game. My question is, what happens to all the unfinished quest that I gathered on mi diary, if I go on from chapter 2 to 3?
Because I ied to accept one of the two offers, from the Shadow thieves and I have seen the the diary became empty. All th unfinished quests disappeared. No more Trademeet and is animals problems quests or Montaron or Neera quest etc...
Is it ok? Or is it a bug. They will reappear as soon as will go back to the main city or finished the mai storyline, Imoen and Irenicus?

Thank you 😊


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,671
    The journal sorts the quests per chapter. There should be a chapter button at the bottom of the journal where you can toggle the entries for each chapter, i.e. change back to the page of the chapter 2 quest entries.

    I think it's unfortunate because it prevents me to see all entries for the same quest(s), but that's my opinion.
  • MabomonkMabomonk Member Posts: 6
    Thank you very much. Easy 😜👍

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