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Best armor for thief cleric multi without losing stealth ?

Title, im using the ranger leather from mayor reward, anything better i should aim ?


  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 312
    Shadow Dragon Scales armor.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,141
    And once you get to ToB, the White Dragon Scale armor.

    Though, as you are now, I'd rate the Shadow Armor (dropped by Mae'Var at the end of that quest) as better than the Night's Gift armor. Studded leather has much better type modifiers than plain leather, to the point that the Shadow Armor +3 has better overall AC than the Night's Gift +5 despite its worse "base" number.

    Heavy armor is also perfectly viable for fighter/thieves and cleric/thieves; I've played a fighter/thief that usually wore full plate, and she still got plenty of use out of her thief skills both in and out of combat. Heavy armor blocks opening locks and disarming traps, but those aren't skills you normally use in combat so you can just take the armor off when you need them. Detecting illusions, as you will use in combat? That works fine in heavy armor.
    Stealth is also blocked by heavy armor, and that's a real cost. You don't go visible immediately when you put the armor on, but you can't renew your hiding. Hide, then put your armor on and backstab someone? Absolutely. Hide again to deliver a second backstab in the same fight? Nope. At that point, you're best off leaning on the combat abilities the other half of your multiclass provides.
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