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Help, how do I sneak into the palace without Husam?

I went to meet Husam at the blushing mermaid to sneak into the palace after I saved duke eltan and took him to the harbor master, but Husam isn't there and I've already killed both the assassins and Sarvok's girlfriend and got his diary and the letters and invitation. How can I sneak into the palace without getting killed by the Flaming fists douche bags??? For some reason they won't stop coming after me and my guys end up killing them and leaving my party!!!!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    Husam has nothing to do with access to the palace. The invitation and the other documents are what matters. You already have what you need - just talk to the door guard.

    As for getting around the city while the Fist are after you ...
    - The sewers go practically everywhere, and they don't patrol the sewers. You might have to fight some random monsters, but that's better than fighting good soldiers and tanking your reputation.
    - A stealthy scout can spot the patrols and let your party go around them.
    - With the way the city is divided up into areas, you don't have to pass through all of them on your way somewhere. Step out the edge of one map, step on to the edge of another.
    - If all else fails, you can stun them with a wand of paralyzation and keep moving. Turning AI off so your party doesn't automatically attack the Flaming Fist is a good idea as well.
  • callmered830callmered830 Member Posts: 3
    Wow I appreciate the quick response, thank you. I will try to use all your suggestions. I just don't know why the flaming fists are still trying to kill me. I have all the documents needed for the final fight AND saved Duke Eltan. I've accidentally killed people and lost more than half my party so many freaking times!!!
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    edited March 2023
    The Flaming Fist are still after you because Sarevok's man Angelo is still in command. You may have saved Eltan, but he wasn't in any shape to go back to work. And while you've found the evidence, you haven't shown it to anyone that matters yet.

    Once you show that evidence to Belt and Liia, they'll call off the Fist and you'll be free to travel around the city. Not that you'll need to, unless you want to do some last-minute shopping.
  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 499
    There was an old mod (Jarl's Adventure Pack) in which Husam could indeed provide an alternate route - maybe thence the confusion? Unfortunately it was never ported to EE.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,666
    I think JAP "only" offered the possibility for Husam and his rogues to come for help. They would come through a secret entrance into the cellar of the palace if the PC manages to distract the guards as far as I recall.

    But, yes, this mod seems to be cursed with regard to EE compatibility; first White Agnus worked on it but disappeared before making it public, then weigo worked on making it EE compatible and separate components but it was put on hold when Jarl popped up saying he would update the mod himself, before he disappeared again.
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