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I lost Neera and I would like to teleport or locate her via console but don't know how

I need her to do her quest but I must have dismissed her in some location and told her to 'wait there' because she isn't in her safe heaven village. I haven't been able to manually find her, is there a way to spawn her from console? Or to teleport to her location?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,845
    Spawning a new copy of her in ... bad idea. Moving her to you, however, should be possible. I see two script actions that can do that, MoveGlobal and MoveGlobalObject.

    MoveGlobal takes three arguments; in order, the area to move to, the object to move, and the location (a coordinate pair) to move to within that area. For example, here's a line from the area script for the Coalition Camp in SoD:
    Wherever she was, if she's alive and not in the party, move her to that location when you arrive at the camp. Obviously, you need to know your current area's code and your coordinates within that area to use this well; these can be found by simply typing "x" with your cursor pointing to a spot on the ground, even without the console active.

    MoveGlobalObject takes two parameters; in order, the object to move and the object (in the current area) to move to. For example, here's a line for when you let your pseudodragon familiar out of your pack:
    You sent that familiar to nowhere when you put it in your pack. After this action, it'll be at your feet.

    Let's say you're at the southern entrance to Athkatla's slum district. Here are two ways to move Neera to you, in console syntax:
    C: MoveGlobal("ar0400","neera",[3000,2900])
    C: MoveGlobalObject("neera",Player1)

    If you want to find her, you can do that by looking at the save in an editor such as Near Infinity. Global creatures such as NPCs that have been in the party are stored in the save's .GAM file; the header for that creature includes entries for its current area and coordinates within that area.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,686
    You might need to wrap that into an EVAL? i.e.
  • The_Baffled_KingThe_Baffled_King Member Posts: 147
    Do you remember where you were when you last had her in your party? Also, have you tried looking down the back of the sofa?

    (Non-serious comment as you've already been given plenty of good advice from the posts above)
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,686
    Did you check the squirrel that is following you since the last battle?! :D
    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  • kunktatorkakunktatorka Member Posts: 3
    Thank you! The command (C: MoveGlobalObject("neera",Player1)) worked, I think must have left her somewhere so I teleported her to where she should be.

    Thankfully she wasn't stuck as a squirrel xD but that's mostly because I don't let her cast spells in combat anymore
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