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A Request to Story Modders (new ideas to expand the Baldur's Gate Story)

KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 282
edited May 2023 in BGII:EE Mods
As everyone knows the characters of Baldur's Gate and sometimes yourself the main character have epilogues that continue the adventure off-screen

What I propose to the Story Modders if you're feeling inspired to make mods based on those ideas by creating Epilogue Chapters that continue after Throne of Bhaal if Gorion's Ward is involved in some way.

One Example:

Viconia DeVir Romance Path Ending or Non-Romance

Basically exploring the events that happens in the romance epilogue (it was later clarified she did live according to later DnD materials), and the introduction of a new character half-drow as described.

(Plus Underdark Adventures in Baldur's Gate is heavily underutilized)

Ditto for every character that has a official epilogue

I'm thinking like how you could make the epilogue chapters work is have it all take place years later in a room that Gorion's Ward stays in at Candlekeep reading his journal regarding what happened to everyone.

From there you choose the character you want to play as while reading the journal, and Gorion's Ward will not be the one you'll be playing, but instead his companions unless Gorion's Ward was present for that epilogue like the case for Viconia if she went down the neutral route and romanced (or non-romanced for a slight story change).

Once the epilogue chapter is completed you're transported back to the room Gorion's Ward is staying.

Eventually a true final chapter is unlocked and time goes forward where Gorion's Ward is 136 years old and has become the statesman of Baldur's Gate to reflect the book, and fight against Viekang and a final battle with the Bhaalspawn Slayer. It was left ambiguous who won that fight, so that leaves story Modders to play it in two different ways or other alternate paths.

Interesting to note about Viekang he was present during the Tradesmeet events, so there is wiggle room to include him there.

Alternatively you don't have to complete the Epilogue Chapters and head straight to the Epilogue Chapter of Gorion's Ward involving Viekang

Personally I would actually like to see in alternate route where you can fight Bhaal himself as it would be fitting end to the saga completely since it states that Bhaal didn't get his full divinity back, so can he be slayable.

By the way everyone its been a long time since I've posted here, and I was curious on the state of mega-modding since BigWorld is no longer a thing, so I'm not sure how I can go about putting in multiple mods without some kind of conflicts happening.


  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 1,515
    Within the Infinity Engine games alone - and ignoring BGIII for now, novels, and other works - we know the fate of exactly one NPC. Baeloth moved to Thay where he partook in the Black Pits II.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,843
    Do you want to play through someone else's bad fanfic? I don't. And, inevitably, that's what this would feel like. When I come to the end of my runs, I tend to write my own epilogues, in line with how those characters developed over the course of the saga. Which isn't going to match whatever concepts these playable epilogues are built around, and is frequently going to involve interactions that the original epilogues never considered. Sure, I use elements from the official epilogues, but those are never the whole story.
  • The_Baffled_KingThe_Baffled_King Member Posts: 147
    Well, there is one mod that creates two epilogue Chapters that continue after Throne of Bhaal, but it's probably stretching the definition of "involved" to say that Gorion's Ward was involved in some way. Present, sure, but not really their story...
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