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BP1: My solo Blade on LoB difficulty

YigorYigor Member Posts: 404
It's impossible to start Black Pits 1 with a solo level 1 char on LoB. However, after developing a char on normal difficulty, it's possible to import it in a new LoB game.

Today I tried a solo Blade of level 12. Str = Int = Cha = 18, Con = 16, Dex =12, Wis =10. So my bard is strong, intelligent and charismatic. 😺 Proficiency in flails and short swords + 3 pips in dual-wielding.

Useful spells (levels 1-4): Chromatic Orb (=instakill in many cases), Grease (to slow down enemies), Mirror Image, Horror, Web, Skull Trap, Ghost/Spirit Armor, Polymorph Other.

I've just finished Tier I.1-I.3 fights. They are all kinda epic on this difficulty level. 😺

My basic strategy is to launch Web and Horror + 3 Skull Traps and to finish remaining creatures with Chromatic Orb and Polymorph Other. Sometimes there still remain 1-2 wounded creatures and my Blade goes into a melee with Defensive Spin (Offensive Spin is very dangerous on LoB).

I'd be glad to hear any suggestions and/or additional tactical ideas! 😎


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