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stuck in dragonspear prologue, rope won't work

i'm supposed to use the rope to get into the locked room but it won't work. Imoen doesn't follow me back down and i can't do anything.


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,689
    Do you have mods installed, if so, please post the contents of your weidu.log.
    What exactly do you mean with Imeon doesn't follow down? She should be back at the entrance to the whole crypt, is she not there but remains in the other area at the rope?
  • evetsevets Member Posts: 4
    I have no mods installed. just got the game. trying to get into locked room. see from the walkthrough map to go to area C to get to rope. nothing happens. nothing happens with rope in first room. i thought i was supposed to go to first room to climb rope and imoen was going to follow me. that didn't happen. then i saw that i didn't need to do that.

    but no matter what, clicking on the rope (with the circle showing) does nothing. i'm stuck and nothing will happen. Dont' know how to post contents of weidu.log, i'm just a novice trying to play the game.
  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 535
    edited June 6
    Which locked room are you talking about?
    The one on the lower level with two massive doors?
  • evetsevets Member Posts: 4
    the supply room with the locked door where Porios was in. the walkthrough says i am supposed to go to lower level and climb rope up to get there. nothing happens.
  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 174
    edited June 7
    Have you done the second level? In the 'supply room', is the door to the left locked and 'barred from the other side'? If so you need to go back to just before the bridge. There is a room and the entrance to the second layer is after that.

    To get to the locked room you need to do the second level and come up the rope
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