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Kagain quest

There is a problem with the Kagain quest, not sure that this is a bug, but I ask to help to understand.
Talked to kagain, after a while came back and agreed to the quest. went with him to the caravan, walked the location but no dialogue with him arose. specifically spent 1-2 weeks, but kagain also silent.
I searched the caravan course before coming to Beregost.


  • ResurrectionResurrection Member Posts: 18
    Since BGEE introduced journal division as in BG2 this became an issue.

    Kagain gives a quest to find Entar Silvershield's son which gives a journal entry. Upon entering the location between FAI and Beregost Kagain informs the player that he is abandoning the quest. The quest however will remain in active quests part of the journal and is not moved to "done quests" as it should as the journal is now divided.
  • Merlin84Merlin84 Member Posts: 8
    I'm not 100% sure, but i think this was the same in the original game.
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,274
    Merlin84 said:

    I'm not 100% sure, but i think this was the same in the original game.

    Does it still show as an open quest for everyone like it does with me?
  • TrollGrapplerTrollGrappler Member Posts: 11
    I've don't see what it happen in EE, but in original game, when you go on the map south of Beregost, he just say that he is bored to search and give up the quest (although you can find the caravan on the same map, but nothing happen).
  • BeastmanBeastman Member Posts: 42
    :-/ i made the quest. when i returned with him to the caravan, he simply told me, that he no longer bothers searching for caravans and just wants to keep adventuring with me. thats it - no XP though.
  • TurboPubxTurboPubx Member Posts: 4
    Kagain is the most passive-aggressive dwarf on the Sword Coast. Like yourselves, when Kagain reminded me about his quest I took him to the caravan, but upon entering the area he said "forget about it." So I loaded an earlier save from before I took him to the area and forgot about it. It's a few days later and now he's on the verge of ditching the group. He's like the girl who says, "what do you want to do?" and when you make a suggestion, makes a sour face.
  • CaelithCaelith Member Posts: 8
    After accepting the quest, I went to the area north of Beregost. As soon as lit loads Kagain tells me he's tired of looking for the caravan, and there is no further conversation regardless of how much I explore. The quest remains open in my log.
  • TristisOrisTristisOris Member Posts: 7
    I walked around with the damn gnome is already half the world was sleeping last month, waited beside the caravan half an hour, it is silent!
    tell me where to cut in order to pass the quest ><
  • Dark_NeuronDark_Neuron Member Posts: 58
    I know this quest was never implemented, and thus Kagain (upon reaching the Caravan) just gives up.
    However! The quest is still in the "unresolved" part of the journal.

    I'd expect it to be flagged as finished in the least.
  • CabsoxCabsox Member Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I've noticed that almost as many "closed" quests stay "open" as those "open" simply vanish from log..

    On the bright side I haven't played an crpg with a notepad beside me in years,
    so that atleast is a plus right?
  • ThemightyTiaxThemightyTiax Member Posts: 6
    Normally Kagain gives up on his quest 10 days after you recruit him but I let him join my party and immediately went to the zone north of beregost and before we got to the caravan he said, "well I'm done looking for them, let's do whatever you want to do". I have never had that happen before.
  • SarainySarainy Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    This happened in Baldur's Gate too, as it happened to me last year.

    Unsure of the requirements for him to give up so early like this however, but it does seem to be something to do with going there straight away - so maybe time based, or dependent on how far you are through the story?
  • elsmalloelsmallo Member Posts: 5
    edited December 2012
    As far as I can see, the old Kagain caravan quest seems to have some issues. Upon entering the caravan crossroads site for the first time, he tells me he wants to abandon the quest, without even having reached the big caravan in the center. Grrrrreat!
    Post edited by Balquo on
  • SquallSquall Member Posts: 13
    edited December 2012
    I got Kagain in my party and then I go to the map north of Beregost near the caravan and the doesnt say anything at all. Anyone got this as well ?
    Post edited by Shandyr on
  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 774
    edited December 2012
    I had it happen to me in Vanilla yesterday, think I was in the right area...He left me a while after
  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 774
    should work though.. lol
  • WalshenatorWalshenator Member Posts: 14
    Hmmmm. Mine triggered in that we get near the caravan and he decides it's not worth pursuing anymore?? Is that it? (I can't recall what happened in the original playthrough as I never really kept him around for long.)
    It hasn't moved to completed quests in the journal though....
  • NukeninNukenin Member Posts: 327
    That's all there is to it. If you're remembering more, it's likely you're remembering a playthrough with the BG1 NPC Project mod, which builds upon the, er, short quest stub present in the original (and faithfully retained in BG:EE).
  • WalshenatorWalshenator Member Posts: 14
    Ah yes, I did play it through a few times with different mods, but if the quest ends when Kagain gives up looking, it should move to completed quests in the journal.
  • The_New_RomanceThe_New_Romance Member Posts: 839

    [...] it should move to completed quests in the journal.

    Yeah, it doesn't. "Rescuing Dynaheir" is also bugged, it stayed in Quests and also created an entry in Done Quests.
  • trickstricks Member Posts: 6
    I grab Kagain in Beregost, and the quest to look for Entar's son goes into my journal. I go north to the Caravan location, Kagain gives some speech how he has lost interest in the quest upon entering the area (the quest also stay in my journal . i did this quest many years ago and i remember there was a dead body there for kagain to inspect to continue the quest but it is gone now, but the dead body was there when i first entered that location before i meet kagain. i was not sure if this was a bug so i started agian and when to get kagain before i went through the location with the caravan and it still did not work even when the bodys were there kagian also gives the same speech when entering the location.

    any help would be much appreciated
  • TJ_HookerTJ_Hooker Member Posts: 2,438
    I'm pretty sure Kagain giving up is the correct thing to happen. Do you play with any mods? Because what you describe kinda sounds like something that may have been added in Unfinished Business, although I could be mistaken.
  • trickstricks Member Posts: 6
    nope no mods at all, ye him giving up seemed normal to me as well but wat was weird was the body not being there and it not updating my journal after his speech
  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 5,596
    Oh dont waste a thought on the journal, it is very messed up and acts weird.
    You will see that in many more quests, sadly.
  • trickstricks Member Posts: 6
    that is unfortunate to hear (
  • trickstricks Member Posts: 6
    looking more into this online i realized i was describing the rong caravan, so i went to the proper one were there should be a dead body and bandits but they are not there, even if i go there before i get kagain they still dont show up.
  • Jason_SilverainJason_Silverain Member Posts: 38
    This is confirmed, I also took kagain to the caravan and didn't get any quest update.
  • SquallSquall Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for that, Ill try looking around the caravan with Kaigan to see if he triggers that dialogue. I thought they would fix this bug in BGEE, its been there since the original BG.
  • RoseveldRoseveld Member Posts: 11
    Kagain gives you the speech and abandons the quest directly when entering the area above beregost.
    This is normal behaviour even for the normal BG edition. ( I found out myself when checking multiple websites on the net.) Some mods build further on this quest and actually made something out of this but there should be no quest in an unmodded version.

    The only bug here in EE, is not updating the Journal.

    (addtionally: not 100% sure, but you can encouter some bandits at those caravans when returning after clearing the Naskel mines.)
  • qcoutlawzqcoutlawz Member Posts: 7
    Im a completionist and seriously I cant believe they've released this game with journal bugs.............I like how you have to read your journal for clues and to know where to go next for your quest but come on theres a completed quests tab make it work the way it should.
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