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How to Add New Dual Class Options in BGEE

jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37
edited December 2012 in General Modding
I'm looking to edit this file (or a file similar to it). Anyone know where I should look? I want to add a couple of dual class options.

EDIT - Solution is here:
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  • SFischSFisch Member Posts: 48
    Export it, open it in a text editor, change the value, then put it into your override. Depending on your text editor of choice, it may not be formatted in nice columns. Try ConText for a nice editor!
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37
    edited December 2012

    I know how to use a text editor. Are you saying that I should take the file from bg2 and move it into bgee?
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37
    I'm not seeing an override folder for bgee. There is an ini file... but there doesn't seem to be much in there.
  • Bash_MendleBash_Mendle Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    jalden said:

    I'm not seeing an override folder for bgee. There is an ini file... but there doesn't seem to be much in there.

    You have to create one in BG EE > data > 00766 & can you post the multiclass.2da? I would like to edit it & try it out on my BGEE game.

  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37

    Sorry I don't have the original version of the game anymore.
  • SFischSFisch Member Posts: 48
    edited December 2012
    Just use NearInfinity to export the multiclass.2da from BGEE. NI works mostly the same way as it did for the other games, except for a few irrelevant file formats (bam, tis, chu). And yeah, create an override in the 00766 folder.
  • LeviathanLeviathan Member Posts: 30
    Is anyone able to please upload this multiclass.2da file so that those of us without the BGII install are able to do some editing?
  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 711
    I think the file you're looking for is DUALCLAS.2DA and it is in BG:EE. On another note, if you use 2DA tables from BG2 that don't exist in BG:EE you won't be able to use them anyway. I don't think there are but just so you understand.
  • secretfiresecretfire Member Posts: 54
    You can't add new options, right - this is hard-coded, and Overhaul hasn't changed this. Is this no longer true?
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37
    SFisch said:

    Just use NearInfinity to export the multiclass.2da from BGEE.

    How did you do that? Where did you export multiclass.2da from? I downloaded near infinity and was able to open baldur.ini with it and was happy to see that it put things in an easy to read format. But I'm not seeing multiclass.2da or dualclas.2da anywhere.
  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 1,783
    If you open NearInfinity then tell it "open game" and find chitin.key for BG:EE, it will display everything in a lovely tree format. The .2da files will be the first listing; open it and scroll down to dualclas.2da but you might also look at abdcdsrq.2da and abdcscrq.2da because these control the stats needed to change class; they are the "before" and "after" files, respectively. Right now, mine are set to all 0s so there are no stat requirements for changing class. Alignment and possibly racial restrictions apply; sometimes I can get weird dual-classing to work and sometimes I cannot.
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37
    @Mathsorcerer Thank you!

    Here is a guide for enabling more dual class options (and other options):

    1. Create the folder C:\Program Files\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\Override
    2. Download Near Infinity
    3. Open Near Infinity. Click open game and go to C:\Program Files\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\chitin.key
    4. Double click on the folder called 2DA
    5. Click on dualclas.2da
    6. Click on export and change the 'save in' drop down menu to the Override folder you created in Step 1. Click save.
    7. In near ininity, click open file and direct it to the copy of dualclas.2da in your override folder. Edit it and save.

    Some of the files that you might want to export to your override folder for easy editing:

    dualclas.2da (changing 0 value to 1 opens up new dual class options)
    abdcdsrq.2da and abdcscrq.2da (sets minimum stat requirements for dual classing)
    abracead.2da (sets racial ability modifiers)
    xpcap.2da (sets experience cap for each class)
    abclsmod.2da (sets ability modifiers for classes -- like the -2 to strength and constitution that avengers get)
  • valamyrvalamyr Member Posts: 92
    edited March 2013
    Sorry to necro but I feel its better than a new thread so people will know what Im talking about.

    So I tried this, so far with Paladins and Blackguards, and it doesnt work. Dual class options show up in game but picking them doesnt work correctly, the new class just doesn't appear. No Blackguard/Thief for me. Any variations on Sorcerers appear disabled too, and I'm not even going to try Monk because its fairly obvious what the result will be.

    So, I'm wondering, is there really any previously forbbiden dual or multi class combos that work through editing the new 2das? Especially stuff that couldnt even be done with Shadowkeeper previously? I mean, I'm guessing its easy to enable dualclassing away from ranger kits, but thats not exactly breaking new ground. Am I right to assume that the only ones that will work are those that were already possible with SK, such as dualclassing Barbarians (a fighter kit) and Rangers and Druidkits to fighters?

    Thanks a ton.
  • leeho730leeho730 Member Posts: 285
    You need to edit locked 2DA files to enable those forbidden dual/multi class combos:

    Since they're hardcoded/locked it is impossible to edit dual/multi class combos.

    The only reason wild mage and barbarians can be dual classed is because they're treated as mage and fighter kit.

    Barbarians cannot be dual classed to fighter since there is no fighter/fighter multi class combination. There is no Ranger/fighter combination either. Druid and kits CAN dual class, but fighter only.
  • leeho730leeho730 Member Posts: 285
    At the moment the only way you can add multi/class combination is by using GemRB. Some succeeded in adding monk/sorcerer multi class.

    For more info, please check the following website:

    I have requested dev to unlock those files, but nothing has been done so far.
  • valamyrvalamyr Member Posts: 92
    Thanks Leeho. So in short, without GemRB we can only enable duals that were already possible with Shadowkeeper (Already experimented with these long ago). Disappointing, I hope the devs unlock these files. Some illegal combos would be a breath of fresh air and a joy to play :)

    Monk/Sorcerer is definitely a nice proof of concept, though not specifically something I'd want to play.
  • leeho730leeho730 Member Posts: 285
    edited March 2013
    Haha Monk/Sorcerer would be munchikin's wet dream... With TOB XP cap of 8M:

    Monk at level 25- +4 fist with 3 attacks per round, TACH0 0, 75% magic resistance, Base AC -2 and +8 missile AC bonuses, skill points of 250. 11 HLAs.

    Sorcerer at level 20- max spell power (except dispel/remove magic and symbol spells), max spells per day and max spells known. 7 HLAs. Add Dragon Disciple (via EE Keeper) to add flavours like immunity to fire (hello Firkraag), +5 AC, +2 Constitution, 8d8 breath weapon.

    Too powerful, IMHO. Totally robs the fun out of the game.

    I still think that Dual-classing, due to engine restriction, will still be restricted to fighter/cleric/thief/druid/ranger/mage even if those files are unlocked. But still there's some nifty combinations possible such as Druid->Mage, Paladin->Cleric, Ranger/Paladin->Fighter, and Archer->Thief. Not sure about Stalker->Thief, but looking at the ability table, Stalker gets backstab bonuses at certain levels, so it is possible that Stalker backstab and Thief backstab stack for up to x8.
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