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Any decent script that work?

hulduhuldu Member Posts: 2
Just wondering if there are any scripts that works for bg-ee, used by the party? I tried a few but most seem pretty broken/bugged. Most likely because they're severely out of date and might not even be "compatible" with bg-ee at all.


  • GuboGubo Member Posts: 45
    edited December 2012
    I use uscript from gibberlings 3. I use it on all my guys and it works, although I think it stops working every now and then. Worth a try though and better if it works!

    EDIT: I feel silly. Pressed "A" which turns off party AI which turns off the script. So it works pretty much overall, however they do use whats in their quickslots very frequently.
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  • Dark_NeuronDark_Neuron Member Posts: 58
    I don't like uscript personally. It's too complex, and takes too much control/decisions away from the player.
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37

    Where did you download uscript and how did you get it running? I found a description for it and it sounds interesting.
  • GuboGubo Member Posts: 45

    Pretty sure you can get it at spellhold studios and sorcerer's place as well.

    Just download the file and put the contents in:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\scripts

    and that should do it.
  • jaldenjalden Member Posts: 37
    edited December 2012

    That worked. I downloaded it off of sorcerer's place and the new scripts came up when I started the game. However, none of them make my skald autosing which is really what I was hoping for :(.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 7,130
    edited December 2012
    ucsript is nice but the eseries and its successor bpseries are much better and more configurable. I'd wait a little, soon weidu will be updated and it'll be simple to install them.
  • horredtheplaguehorredtheplague Member Posts: 174
    mlnevese said:

    ucsript is nice but the eseries and its successor bpseries are much better and more configurable. I'd wait a little, soon weidu will be updated and it'll be simple to install them.

    Funny you mention it....As soon as I can pick up the game and get under the engine's hood (w/in a week or so), I plan to make a stripped down version of the BP-Series party AI for BG:EE. Stripped down meaning, I'll remove all the mega mod content from them and streamline/custom-gear them for the BG1-side via BG:EE. The full set, and maybe I'll add a druid-specific as well for 10 scripts to choose from (I'll need to see exactly how different their spell selection is in BG:EE first to know if it's warranted). Making full use of whatever scripting goodies Beamdog has graciously added/fixed, to the mix. When David Wallace gets his SCS AI working for here, we can have custom "spy vs spy" AI battles for your viewing pleasure. Bring your own popcorn. :)

    On the side, I should also have a new MegaMod version of the BP/BP-series in time for the 12 Days of Modding at SHS, for those that like the "full experience" not yet available here. Big Picture's code was seriously updated by the BP Team; lots of cleanup and revision, updates to modern WeiDu formats. I've added several new components that were split from the main package to allow more customization. One brand-new component is scripting support for disease (inc aTweaks mummy rot, which is a special case)--as STATE_DISEASED is broken in BG2:ToB. Highlights of the BP-Series release will be scripting support for Lost Crossroads and Spell Revisions, restoration of the TDD spells that these 2 mods overwrote, support for TB#Tweaks style pertification, as well as a lot of optimization/cleanup (just in time to convert them over to BG:EE). Thus, if we ever see these mods here in BG( / 2 / 3):EE--I'll be right behind them with supportive party AI.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 7,130
    Yay! Horredtheplague is back! Next we'll hear Weimer has started developing Weidu again :)
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