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Shaman Playthrough - starting tomorrow?

DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 232
Really stoked that the 2.5 release is around the corner and I can finally play a Shaman! (first time available on Android)

Love to have a divine caster with a big axe, inspired by and using this art:

Going to do a full Candlekeep to Throne run if everything plays out.

Thinking about going for a all girl Neutral(ish) party:

- CHARNAME - Shaman
- Shar Teel?*
- Jaheira (too bad I'll have to kill off Khalid)
- Branwen
- Imoen
- Neera

How about this party composition?

*Not really sure about including Shar Teel and the need for a pure fighter type, but having her as packmule sounds nice. Maybe include Safana instead to keep the party non-evil? Only thing is that Safana would not really add much to the mix abilitywise IIRC. Maybe go for Skie instead (enlisting and killing off Eldoth first)?


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