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Jaheira Recast v3.0



  • PhælinPhælin Member Posts: 316

    Jaheira Recast v2.0 is released, with EET support.

    How do I update the mod that is already installed and I'm halfway through the game?

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,415
    Przemkas said:

    Jaheira Recast v2.0 is released, with EET support.

    How do I update the mod that is already installed and I'm halfway through the game?

    Don't. There is only one line of changed content.

  • geddoegeddoe Member Posts: 27
    I can't get this to install. I bought BG:EE, SoD, and BG2:EE through Steam. I extracted that files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. I double-checked that that's the folder where the chitin.key file is. But when I run the .exe, it skips everything and says "You must have Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear or Enhanced Edition Trilogy installed."

    I know it's installed because I've already started playing it...what's the problem?

  • BlackthorneBlackthorne Member Posts: 2
    Is it possible that this mod could be related to this bug: (I uploaded saves there, my post is the last, recent one)?

    I was watching a let's play on youtube and found that Jaheira is supposed to stop Voghlin from attacking after his initial "Prepare to meet your end, puppet of Caelar" line. But she does not and he and his friends attack. Seems like the game does not recognize Jaheira being there. Nice if anyone could help correcting that (probably just a reference not firing). Otherwise I guess I will just ctrl+y Voghlin before he talks to me and just recruit Jaheira (was not planning on doing anything with Voghlin anyhow [But as he is supposed to sleep with Safana later, I don't know if just axing Voghlin in this way creates problem down the road]). If I do that Jaheira's part of the dialogue works fine when I talk to her. So it is just that intital recognition that is screwed. I don't know if it is this mod, but most other mods hardly interfere with SOD content.
    Help would be appreciated :smile: .

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,415
    No. It's not Jaheira Recast.

    The issue is that Jaheira apparently died in the BG1 portion of the save game, but the SPRITE_IS_DEADJAHEIRA variable wasn't reset to 0 when she was spawned in SoD. In the BALDUR.GAM file you uploaded, it is still set to 1 (see screenshot from NearInfinity). So, the when the game runs a !Dead("Jaheira") check (as Voghiln's dialog does), the game thinks she's dead. Setting this variable to 0 will allow the dialog to function normally.

  • BlackthorneBlackthorne Member Posts: 2
    Well that is certainly interesting.
    First of all, thank you very much. Second of all, setting the value to zero indeed fixes the problem.

    Even though I asked here, I did no really think that it would be this mod directly that causes the problem, as it is the very first Jaheira dialogue in the game that is misbehaving. Still, it is very nice to receive an answer, even though the problem is barely connected to the mod. Probably due to your knowledge of how the encounter scripting works. I myself would never have guessed that this was the problem. I am really in awe of your and some other guys knowledge of this wonderful game and your wonderful modding, which keeps this game really alive.

    The funny thing is: Jaheira actually never died in the BG portion of the game. I went back and checked the values and it was set sometime after the Bandit Camp (the last save where the value does not show up at all). The interesting question is how the value was set then? Neera seems to be dead as well (and she certainly did not die either). However, all the interjections by Jaheira (cloakwood quest [npc mod], Bhaal Talk etc.) in the main game afterwards triggered as expected. Seems like the value was never checked in this way up till now.

    Anyway, I learned something more to use in my self-solve toolkit for the Series and hope that anyone who encounters this problem can get help here (I did not seem to be the first). Thank you again AstroBryGuy!

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