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2.5 release to Mac App Store delayed for further QA

From today's live stream:

and jump to 15:40

I am not surprised that the Mac App Store update will take some extra work, since no updates have been submitted for over 3 years and multiple macOS updates (it was still OS X on the last patch!). I am surprised that this seems to be internal Beamdog QA that "nothing breaks" with the existing patch, rather than feedback related to the App Store submission process, which seems not to have started yet, waiting in this QA of indeterminate length.

So heads-up for fellow Mac-philes, we have a further wait in front of us, but I doubt any of us are surprised, and I am happy we are at least acknowledged this time around! I'm just hoping it completes before everyone gets distracted by the shiny of the next patch cycle, and we get deferred again...



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