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Inventory lag - and finding ways around it

AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
edited May 2016 in UI Modding
Hello everyone, I've been away from BG for a while, so I'm kind of out of the loop on recent developments with updates and modding. I've recently fired up BG to play and I noticed there are still bad lag spikes in the inventory whenever I handle equipment with a larger party.

There also seem to be occasional lag spikes possibly related to sound playing, and they even caused some serious bugs for me. A few times I've experienced lag spikes that caused items to disappear when I was quickly looting items from a container (or though the quick loot menu).

Have modders found ways to fix these lag issues? If not, can anyone with UI modding experience chime in whether or not it should be possible to fix these issues through modding? I'm thinking along the lines of completely disabling the item comparison and portrait highlighting algorithms, but I don't know if the current UI system is flexible enough to handle something like that.



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