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How Is the CLUA Console enabled for version 25.1?

NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 380
Can't seem to find the .ini file for bg2ee v25.1. Does anyone know how to enable the console or mind uploading a copy of the .ini text pre-edited to unlock the console?


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,728
    Hi @Noloir, I am guessing that you are looking at the latest version of BG2EE ( so you should find baldur.lua in your documents\bg2ee game folder (assuming you are looking in Windows). Add the following line to activate the console:

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')


  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 380
    @Gusinda The .lua works the same on Android as well. All that's required is a text editor and it performs perfectly.

    Dipping my hands in several different projects today and figured out a way to have every Infinity Engine App on the tablet at the same time.

    By Downloading every application and "stripping/relocating" the .obb of each app to an SD Card or a USB card each game can be used individually by just copying and pasting each respective .obb to their original game's host file from the USB/SD Card. As long as the .obbs are deleted after each play session the Android device's memory remains fairly open.

    The drawback is that if one of the game apps are selected without their proper .obb it permanently malfuctions and has to be downloaded from scratch to work again.

    It's unfortunate that the developers didn't find a way to download Infinity Engine apps directly to SD cards but I understand the potential for piracy if the apk start up wasn't linked to a google or applestore download.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,728
    @Noloir, yes. That is the way I was playing the games (and still do). I found that if the game is started without the .obbs in place and a download attempts, I do a restart on the device to kill any download. Once the device has restarted, copy the .obbs into the folder then start the game and 'play on'.

    I don't think that the SDCard location for the files is about anti-piracy (I normally play any games without my data on as I have limited data in my non-plan plan) but more about the way that different versions of Android handle the external SDCard (permissions wise etc). Beamdog would have to cover off on all versions...


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