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No reward for Drow Runaways quest

Blue_ThreeBlue_Three Member Posts: 28
At the Underground River, I located the two Drow runaway lovers (after having Shapur ask me to find them), told them to flee and got their insignia. Showing these to Shapur and telling her that the two are dead, she responds saying I did as much as I could, then leaves with her party.

According to some online walkthroughs, I should be getting a halberd and 6,000 EXP, but I get neither (only the cloak from Therli). In addition, the journal still shows the quest as active.

What did I miss?

Edit: Went to the Ogre bandit camp and the two (Kaelet and Umar) are there. Dialogue was fine, but it didn't result in any EXP and the quest is still open as well (last entry: "I should bring these badges to Shapur").

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