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Mods for SoD on Android

I was curious, since SoD launches as a separate app on Android, I assume mods I install for BGEE would NOT be applied to SoD. Is this true, and if so is there a way to install some mods onto SoD (for example, if I get a unique BG1 NPC project item, how would I properly carry it over to SoD)?

Thank you for the help!


  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 219
    @Gusinda I just looked through the modding for android thread, and saw your post about creating the mod files from a PC install. I have BGEE + SoD on my PC through the Beamdog client.

    So if I install the mods I want onto my BGEE + SoD install on PC, do I then follow the android mod install instructions starting from "Creating the mods archive to transfer to Android" from Isaya's guide? Also, can I use the same created mods archive for both BGEE AND SoD on android?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,789
    Hi @Dawglicious,

    I do it slightly different and separate the lang files from the other components of the mod like the override folder, sounds etc. I found that having too many files in the was causing crashes so all other folders less the language files are unpacked on the device. The is the only file that has 'centralfix.exe' run against it to fix the index and the only file that remains packed on the device. The only reason I initially package them together is to transfer them. If using en_US as the lang for SOD, you may also need to duplicate the dialog.tlk as dialogf.tlk (has been a work around for 'invalid' entries), prior to zipping and centralfixing. After this was found, I now use it on all en_US modfiles to save on wondering which ones needed it.

    As far as using the same modfile, I don't use it that way. I have BGEE installed on PC as a separate game from BGEE & SOD. This is mostly due to the UI as I also use @lefreut's UI mod (BGEE on BGEE and the BGSOD one on SOD...). I batch my installs so it all happens reasonably quick. Haven't tried it though but I am guessing the 'chitin.key' might complain a little bit. If you don't mod the UI yourself, then it would be worth giving it a go. If you do try it, I would be interested in the results. I am away from my gaming machine at the moment (til the middle of next week) otherwise I would give it a go myself.

    If this leaves you with a little doubt, let me know and I will outline what procedure I use. The method in detailed in the document I put online previously is a little out of date (no need for filling holes in the patch.obb if required anymore as an easier method is used, and it doesn't talk about duplicating the dialog.tlk as that work around wasn't found until after it was posted. I also use the PC install over building an Android mod area; other than that, most of the procedure is still relevant.

    Hopefully this hasn't confused you more than when you started this venture...

    JuliusBorisovStummvonBordwehr[Deleted User]
  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 219
    @Gusinda So I tried out using the BGEE + SoD mod files for the standalone BGEE on android, and it doesn't work quite right. I didn't test for long, but the immediate issue was that the intro blurb was missing the image of Candlekeep; all it had was the text on a completely black screen. Generating the mod file from the standalone BGEE on PC did not have that issue.

    So it would seem that, if one wants to generate mod files for BGEE android from the PC installs, it is best to use use the stand alone install.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,789
    Hi @Dawglicious, thanks for testing. It would make sense but always worth a test or two. Did your SOD modfile work out for you as expected?


  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 219
    Yea it seemed to work just fine for SoD, thank you!

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