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The Ultimate BRO team

Stalin_BrandoStalin_Brando Member Posts: 10
I'd like to put together the ultimate BRO team. The kind of likable band that can put in a days adventuring and then share some banter or a trip to the pub. The kind of team you wouldn't mind having a beer with. I'm kind of envisioning a Baldur's Gate TV show, here. Bros can be he-bros or she-bros, of course.

Definitely Invited
  • Me - possibly an alcoholic Chaotic Barbarian. Open to suggestions here.
  • Korgan (Melee) - an obvious choice, complains about wanting a drink when he's bored, always has a story to tell.
  • Keldorn (Melee) - a bit uptight (designated wagon driver?), but he has 19 Charisma, and reminds me of Sean Connery. A hit with the MILFs, I expect.
  • Mazzy (Ranged) - likeable and dependable. She has a classy accent but isn't stuck-up. Raises the tone. And Korgan fancies her.

How to cover the Thief/Cleric/Mage roles?
Should a team like this have a bard? Someone to set the atmosphere.

Not Invited:
  • Aeire - Underage
  • Viconia - Bitchy
  • Edwin - Arrogant nerd
  • Anomen - Just don't like him
  • Cernd - Would probably rather be hugging a tree

  • Valygar - I don't really get a feel for his personality.

What do you guys think?

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  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,039
    edited February 2019
    Well, having a drink in the Copper Coronet after days of traveling and adventuring and not inviting Jan Jensen have to be a crime of sorts ;) I also think Minsc is the ultimate 'bro', as long as you are good, he will have your back!

    Now that I'm thinking about, I think that if I would have been an adventurer with a gang of friends, I'd be the joker. Just imagine in a drunken haze with your mates you like start to give them cursed items as a prank.

    "Hey Edwin, can you read the tab? You are the most intelligent and smart one of us!"
    - hands him a Nether scroll

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,254
    I think that Jan fits the thief/mage role and also looks like someone you'd have a beer with between adventures! I know that multiclass limits his spellcasting but since you've a fighter-heavy party you could adapt him to buff you guys and disable enemies, and let the damage dealing to your tanks.
    As for a cleric... well, the only one that fits the tavern type would be anomen, but you could also look up for npcs mods . Cernd may be a bit serious, but if you consider that every now and then he turns into a werewolf it might give you insights on him.

  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 53
    Hehehe. Jan must be in if only for that story about Keldorn's mum and a flesh golem plus he is a great thief/illusionist. And comeon he is hilarious around Ano as well. You complained about Edwin and Aerie, so you are left with Nalia/Imoen and Neera, Nalia is basically a SJW and Neera bugs me seriously.

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 5,988
    Jan for the witty banter and the killer HLA traps later in the saga!

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